Saturday, December 5, 2009

Plan B

Will I ever have everything ready when Advent begins? After searching in the chilly attic for the candles which I thought I saved, I came to the conclusion that we do not have Advent candles. The best I could do after several stores today was this....

At least we are ready for the Second Sunday of Advent. We did do the meditations a few nights this week, but somehow it was not the same without the candles.


  1. It's a definite statement on how few faiths actually celebrate Advent, when you can't find candles that are purple or pink in the stores. Only red, green and white. I searched all over last year, having forgotten to buy them at the little Respect Life store in our church. Not this year!! I jumped right on that, not wanting to do what you did - search all over the house in vain for some nubbins of leftover candles from Advents past....! :)

  2. Our Church has a small religious articles "store". They had pink and blue??? candles this year. The lady tried to convice me that blue was fine. She did not succeed and the ribbons are staying put!

  3. I usually order ours online, but I forgot until it was too late. Happily, this is such a Catholic area that the local five-and-dime store had several sets! I love this place. :-)