Monday, December 7, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

(December 7)...

Outside my window...Frost on the roof of the neighbors house, which is sparkling in the morning sun.
I am thinking...about where I could have placed my Magnificat and the gift card from Target. Why, oh why do I feel the need to appear like an immaculate housekeeper and shove things out of sight?
I am thankful for...getting most of the presents bought while spending time with my husband.
From the learning uniforms are on and morning prayers are being said.
From the kitchen...cookbooks will be opened and poured over to decide which cookies to make for Christmas. My mother is not fond of desserts (how is that possible?) so a tradition has been started. Each of the daughters brings some cookies when we all get together for Christmas.
I am favorite jeans, a black fleece shirt and pink striped knee socks. Even if I always wear jeans and a plain shirt, my socks are usually festive!
I am creating...Anna's sweater, I am almost done with the second sleeve! I also want to knit up a quick little bunny blanket for a friend who is due on Christmas Day.
I am lose my mind if I don't find that pile of papers that I misplaced!
I am reading...daily meditations by our dear Pope John Paul II. They are beautiful, but I am longing to put my hands on my Magnificat. I ordered another copy which should arrive in a day or two.
I am be a good role model for my children. Lord, please send me the graces for this one!
I am hearing...coughing, sniffling, hacking children. They do seem to be on the mend, praise God.
Around the house...preparations for the coming of our Saviour! Advent wreath, calendar, and a countdown chain, plus the stable is empty and waiting.
One of my favorite! I love the sound of the beans clinking as I pour them into the grinder. I love the whir of the grinder bringing me closer to that first delectable sip. I place my cup with a generous amount of half and half beside the coffee maker as I wait for the gurgling machine to do its job. I love feeling my cup warm up in my hands after I have filled it. Then, after a long, deep smell, I put the cup to my lips and savor my morning brew.
A few plans for the rest of the week: return the shirt I bought for Tony for the correct size, take Sophie to the fabric store so she can finish her homemade gifts, and to do a week's worth of school in one week!
Here is picture for thought I am of my favorite photos from this summer. I am not a cold weather kind of gal, so I am praying that the cold days pass quickly.

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  1. Hope you find those missing papers soon! That is a neat picture, thanks for sharing.