Friday, July 30, 2010

Getting Ready

With all the other things that will be happening in these last weeks before our baby is due to arrive, I felt the need to ready the "nursery". The nursery is really a corner of our bedroom, but everything fits in just so. Waking up and seeing that little corner makes my heart happy.

I did not want to spend a lot of money on bedding, but I accidentally left some batteries in a crib attachment that plays music and ruined our old set while it was stored in the attic. There were deep orange stains all over it and they would not wash out. I found the bumper on ebay for less than $20 and the quilt was a Target purchase that happened to be the exact amount of a gift card given to us by Tony's fellow bandsmen. I think my mom and I will make a bedskirt to hide the diapers underneath.

Speaking of diapers, here they are, washed, folded, and ready to go! I did not use cloth diapers until our 4th baby, but I love using cloth. We tried out MANY different styles of diapers, but in the end, Motherease won out. They are easy to use (meaning my husband will change a diaper every now and then) and I rarely have a leak, even at night. Cloth diapers are hard to use while travelling, but I discovered a great product called g-diapers. The disposable liners are biodegradable, so I don't feel guilty using them. Plus, they are cute.

I repurposed an old shoe rack that had previously been repurposed as a laundry room shelf until the recent addition of cabinets in the laundry room. Now it holds receiving blankets, nursing shawls, burp cloths and other baby supplies. The baby clothes fit into 2 drawers in Tony's dresser that had been holding scrapbooking supplies. The supplies were moved to the attic, because I don't really anticipate having much time to be crafty in the near future.

Here's the "nursery". I like how it turned out. I can't wait to sit in my cozy rocker and nurse that sweet baby.

This is me at 33 weeks and 5 days.

Each morning, I look at my belly and wonder how my skin can possibly stretch any more. Yet I know that I will definitely be lots rounder before she makes her debut. Thankfully, I still feel really good overall. The doctor did tell me that my platelet count is low and they will monitor it until I deliver. Other than that, all is well.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot. I keep meaning to post a picture of the blanket I am knitting. I love the pattern and the yarn and how soft it is. My only fear is that it will not be finished in time.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Detroit in Pictures

Jack at his first Detroit Tigers game at Comerica Park.
They even gave him a certificate.
Here he is trying on his official Tigers cap.
The gift shop officially took lots of our money!

Anna loved her first live Major League Baseball game.
She also loved the snow-cones, drinks, and snacks.
She is my sweet-tooth.

Not only can you enjoy a baseball game at the stadium,
you can also take a ride on a ferris wheel with giant baseball cars.

See! A giant baseball ferris wheel.
Notice that there is not a cloud in the sky.
Note that we were in the nose-bleed section,
which is closer to the sun!
What a hot day it was.
Oh, wait! The fun is not over yet! There is a carousel too!
My pockets are feeling pretty empty by this point.
But let's be honest, how many times are we going to drive for TWELVE hours
to see the Tigers play?
"Mom and Dad made me ride this silly thing."

The Science Center was fabulous!
Did I mention it was indoors, out of the sun?
Did I mention it had A/C?
Jack parked himself in the forklift for a LONG time.

Aunt Rose tries to calm Jack down, but was not successful.
There were so many boy things to see and do!
We had ourselves a grand time.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Slow Down!

Time has a funny way of moving at lightening speed just when you want to savor the moments most. This summer is moving WAY too fast. I woke up this morning to the realization that there are now 3 adults in this household. My first-born is 18 today. This year has been big for her. Graduation, Confirmation, and in exactly one month, college will begin. So many changes to process and we only have one short summer. Please clock, slow down long enough that I may enjoy these last weeks together.

To celebrate, she and I will have a girlie day together this week. Tony took her on a father/daughter date last night at the movies. Today will be whatever she wants it to be. Around here, on your birthday, you get to choose what we do as a family, what we will eat for dinner and dessert too. Of course, there will be a birthday blessing after Mass today. We have had a visiting priest for the last several weeks who invites all those with birthdays to stand on the altar and be blessed as a group. For people like Sophie and me, standing in front of the entire congregation is a horrifying thought. We prefer the quiet, private blessings, thank you very much!

Happy Birthday to my dear, sweet Sophia.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Laundry Room Redo in Photos

The old wire shelf which I could not reach has been removed.
I painted the cabinets, which we found on Craigslist. There are more left so that we can have more storage in the garage. I won't be painting those though.

I cut in the paint before hanging the cabinets.
Tony put a support beam in to make installation easier.
Anna looks to be volunteering for some task.

Sophie is Tony's helper, especially since I shouldn't be lifting heavy cabinets!

My man is working up a sweat to make my laundry room nicer for me. Don't worry, I was in the kitchen at this point making a delicious dinner to thank him!

I'm not sure how much help they are, but they sure are cute!

What did I tell you? Dinner. Homemade baked beans made from dried beans that had been soaked and cooked in the crock pot. There was yummy cole slaw and turkey burgers with shredded zucchini in them. I'm telling you, they turn out so moist.

I love our homemade buns, but they always stick to the pan and I do not love the cleanup. Why did I not purchase parchment paper before this? Wow!

After dinner, the doors went on the cabinets.

Fast forward a few days. (We had to celebrate the 4th of July after all) I finished painting the rest of the laundry room and everything fits in just so.

A close up of the cabinets.

Ta-da! The wine glass actually contains grape juice. It just makes me feel good to have it in a wine glass! I am pleased with how our project turned out.
Cabinets + extra for the garage = $125
paint for cabinets = $15
paint for walls = free (leftover from the half bath)
hardware for cabinets = $6
Not to bad, in my opinion.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Seven Quick Takes-take a ride on the emotional roller-coaster

Detroit?! Really? My husband is a life-long, die-hard, Detroit Tigers fan. He has a 2 week leave coming up and has informed me that this would be his dream destination. I am all for him getting to see the Tigers play live, I am just not a fan of travelling that far at 30+ weeks pregnant. Not to mention, we already have other travel plans this summer. One of them being getting Sophie to Stuebenville three weeks before my due date.
If we indeed are heading north, I am glad I finally found this yarn today. I will be making a blanket for a special little someone who I cannot wait to meet. I already know that she has strong legs and pointy elbows. I found a delicate pattern on Ravelry that I think will look lovely in pink.

A list of some things you don't see every day, but that I have seen in the recent weeks:
A purple dune-buggy reminiscent of Scooby-Doo driving along the highway
An honest-to-goodness Rolls Royce in the parking lot beside our car
A hot-air balloon offering rides in the mall parking lot
I feel like I haven't seen much of my kids lately. They show up at feeding times and to get a scraped knee kissed and bandaged, but mainly they have been entertaining themselves. The outdoors are such fun and on the days when the temperatures were in the 3 digits, they have been quite content to craft away in the classroom. The lazy days of summer are upon us and we are soaking them up.
I made a list of my favorite things and now it has disappeared. One would think that since they are my favorite things, I would be able to recall this list with little difficulty. One would be wrong to make this assumption. Maybe next week, I'll have made a new list.
With coffee in hand, I stepped outside to water the garden. The sky was as blue as Ben's eyes and cloudless. The air was almost chilly and I briefly thought of changing into jeans. Another hint of blue caught my attention in the grass. It was a tiny bird, probably recently hatched from the nest I had spotted in a nearby tree, and it was dead. The fragility of its tiny, translucent body laying there in the open yard all by itself was my undoing. Weeping huge tears not for the bird, but for my son, I gently lifted the baby bird on my gardening trowel and placed it in the ground under our shade trees out back. I openly wept for a good long while under that blue sky where no one would interrupt my anguish. Sometimes, I need to do that.
I offered up all this sorrow this morning for all parents who have had to bury a child. Pray for me today too, won't you?
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