Friday, December 4, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday---vol. 2

We are dropping like flies around here. I am pretty sure it is just a cold, but it is packing quite a punch. In the immortal words of my husband as he ate food from the plate of one of the infected kids, "I never get sick". Guess who went down next? Sophie and I are still healthy but shaking in our boots.


I am feeling spiritually lost this week as I cannot find my December Magnificat. I think I remember seeing it come in the mail, but now it has disappeared. I have been reading other religious material, but I miss my Magnificat. I like how it sits in my hands, the delicate pages and the hope those pages bring each time I open them.


All the hassle of the DMV last week was almost worth it, Sophie's face lit up when she received her learner's permit in the mail yesterday. Here is a recap of events (if you are on Facebook, you can skip this):
Things I learned at the DMV today:

1. pack a snack!

2. if you think you will accomplish everything in the second trip to the DMV, you'd be wrong!

3. your knitting will progress nicely.

4. if you have dyslexia, you CAN get a job at the DMV.

5. if you are under 19, you cannot take the driving portion of the test at the same location as the written portion of the test.

Why do they make getting a license so complicated?


As someone who has a hard time meeting new people, I want to express my gratitude to the mom who approached me at the commissary this week. She remembered me from daily Mass and introduced herself and we exchanged information!! The remaining healthy people here will be going to Mass today and I hope she is there.


Jack makes me laugh all the time! His vocabulary is increasing at such a rapid rate. Last night at dinner, he was not eating his meatloaf and I told him he needed to have some more meatloaf. He looked at his plate and then matter-of-factly told me, "That's OK mom, I already have plenty."

He had a sore throat yesterday and was trying to let me know. He described it this way... "My tongue really hurts. Way in the back."


Still lingering in my mind from yesterday is this post from Margaret.

Do you think I can finish this by Christmas morning?

Thanks, Jen, for hosting.

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