Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yarn Along

Did I ever mention that one of the reasons I enjoy knitting is because there is order in those stitches? Nice, even little row and after row of little v's. I have tried some lacy knitting but I always come back to stockinette. Life right now is nothing like those little rows and I thrive on seeing things neat and tidy. I know these newborn days are only a short time and that soon enough I should be able to regain some schedule. Until then, I will be knitting to calm my soul when I can find a moment. Sometimes those dishes can wait a little longer. Right?

The sweater is for a friend's baby. The other project is a hat. I had made myself a hat a couple of years ago that I really liked wearing. Only I left it somewhere last winter. I decided to make a new one with some free knit-picks yarn. I wish it was finished already, since tonight's temperatures will be chilly and I have 3 little munchkins who are really looking forward to trick-or-treating.

Reading? Not much at all, except to the kids at bedtime. And to be completely honest here, Tony has been doing most of the bedtime reading lately. He is also the one to take the kids to the library to pick out their books. I went in this week to return a vegan cook book since someone else put a hold on it and I couldn't renew it for about the fifth time. It was then that I realized it was only the second time in as many months that I made it to the library.

My kids favorite this week.
Joining Ginny, as always.

Monday, October 29, 2012


The kids love Peter. They dote on him and always are wanting to hold him. This morning, Anna stated very proudly: "Peter is very good at staring." I love how much love there is for little Peter. And yes, he is darn good at staring, if I do say so myself.

Monday, October 22, 2012

the day in pictures (and some words)

This morning at 10, I went in for Peter's weight check. He gained over 6 ounces this weekend! I am so thankful that the formula did the trick and he didn't need to get tested for other issues. We will keep doing what we are doing until he gets back on the charts.

I am also thankful that Tony had the day off today. I did not have to drag bring the kids with me. When I got home, we ate a quick lunch and headed out for some fun. Did I mention it's also Tony's birthday? Do your kids ask relentlessly "when can we buy some pumpkins"? Tony quieted them by telling them we would buy them on his birthday. They did not forget. Yet they forget to brush their teeth every morning. Hmmm.

Three pumpkins purchased. Three kids jammed in the "fun" cart. Three free apples! The grocery store gave each kid a card they bring in and they get a free apple or banana every time. How cool is that?

Gives new meaning to "cozy coupe".
Next stop was the living museum. It is hand's down one of our favorite spots to go. Today we got to see them feed the horseshoe crabs and the loggerhead sea turtle. The weather was perfect and the kids had fun outside as well.

starting to see some fall foliage

blue raspberry slush anyone?

pretty view

I want a watering can like this one

Jack can find water to play with just about anywhere.

I love how no one pays attention when I say "look over here".

So soothing

walking through the tunnel

They let me drive slow on the driveway.

Sorry mom, for crashing the stroller.

His serious look.

Look ma! I spit up again! I'm going for the record number of clothing changes in one day.

His face lights up when he sees his siblings.

Classic Jack silliness.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


That's where Peter is on the growth chart for weight. Zero percentile. Two weeks ago he was in the 4th percentile. He did gain half a pound over the last two weeks, but clearly it is not enough. I had been supplementing with formula a couple times a day, which amounted to around 4 oz. a day. The pediatrician I saw yesterday, (my doctor is on paternity leave), said he wanted me to limit my nursing time to ten minutes on each breast so he doesn't get too tired and then let him finish getting full on formula. He wants him to eat every 2 1/2 hours this way over the weekend and come back Monday morning to see if Peter is gaining weight. If he is not, then he wants to start looking for other possible causes for Peter's struggle to gain.

Logically, I know that I have done everything I can to breastfeed Peter exclusively. I can see that he is not thriving. That said, I feel like a zero in the mother department. This ordeal has seen my whole family suffer. I do not handle stress very well. I get overwhelmed. I get angry because the house is a total pit (and I am not exaggerating here folks). My time with the other kids is minimal, I send them outside a lot or I cave and let them watch Netflix. Schoolwork is slow (we have only completed 5 weeks of school and I started before Peter was born). Some things I can change. Some things I have little control over. I am praying my way through all of this. Praying for little babies who are sicker than my own. Praying for friends who have much bigger worries than my own. Praying that I become a better mother for my children.

I think I need to take things one day at a time, or maybe one hour at a time. Today, I will take Anna to Little Flowers. If that is all I get done, I will be thankful for that one thing. At this moment, I am thankful for my few minutes of quiet. The baby is asleep and so are the rest of the kids. I think I will go savor my coffee and even though the house is in desperate need of cleaning, knitting is quieter and soothes the soul.

Monday, October 8, 2012

where I write a little bit about a lot of things

I have so many posts floating through my head. My fingers, however, are not free to type them out. So I will condense them all into this one, unless Peter wakes up.

All last week, I had growing suspicions that Peter might be dealing with reflux. He will be 2 months old next week, so I figured I could kill two birds with one appointment. They did not have a well appointment available til Halloween, so my pediatrician got me a walk-in appointment for last Friday to address his possible reflux. What I found out was that he has not gained any weight for the last 3 weeks. He has maintained, but not gained. He wants me to nurse more often (how can you nurse more frequently if you already nurse all.the.time?) I am trying my best.

Let's back up one day, shall we? On Thursday, we went on a 2-hour sunset cruise for our anniversary. Which happens to be in March. Who says you have to celebrate right away? It was the perfect day to go. On our way there, this small white bird (I really think it was a dove) flew up to my window and then proceeded to fly right beside us as we drove. He stayed with us for about 30 seconds. I still don't know what to make of that little bird.

The evening was perfect. The sunset. The gentle breeze. A baby who obviously has a future in some seafaring career. He loved it out on the water. Tony became a backup singer for the man serenading us, entertaining all those around us.

Saturday saw us at a local corn maze and pumpkin farm. I took the camera but I forgot to take it out of the car. Imagine if you will a lot of corn fields. You get the picture. Did you know that you can nurse a baby and walk in a corn maze? It is actually quite private. Especially if you keep walking in apparent circles and never find any clues. The kids had fun anyway, dragging the flags they give you in case you need rescuing. They also got to go on a hayride, jump around on bales of hay, shoot corncobs out of a cannon, and roast marshmallows over a campfire. In case you ever decide to roast marshmallows and play in the hay on the same day, I will advise you jump in the hay first. Therese looked like she had been tarred and feathered when we left. Probably a good thing I left the camera in the car.

Saturday's mail brought us something special. A wonderful gift from a wonderful friend, who I someday hope to meet face to face over a nice cup of coffee. Barbara made the most beautiful quilt for Peter. I feel quite privileged to receive such a gift for Peter.

I love the colors! The kids especially love the squares with the little animals.

"Thank you Barbara, I love my blanket."

"Gee, mom, enough pictures already"
Now I really do have to go do something productive, like teaching these kids some school. Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yarn Along

I have not gotten much knitting time since Peter joined our family. My arms are always full and I am glad. However, I saw this pattern for a super cute Halloween costume for Therese and I knew she would love it. She calls it her "sheepy". I had started on it before Peter was born and I finally finished the vest last week. It was slow going and clumsy with those huge needles and holding chunky yarn double. To give my hands a break before I make the hat, I tried making a pair of booties for a new baby of a friend. Why do I try to make booties? I am always disappointed in the results. This time, I followed the pattern for the 3 month size and ended up with a bootie that would fit a 12 month old instead. I just don't think I am supposed to knit cute little booties. Hats, no problem. Sweaters, got it. Cute Halloween costumes, check it out.

The only reading I have been doing is other blogs. I did discover a new one to me that is written by a priest  that is always thought provoking. Check it out here. I have also tried to read Jane Eyre on my Ipod. The story is so good. Having to "turn" the page every paragraph. Not so much. It is quite distracting actually. That's about it, so go see what others are up to over at Ginny's.