Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This and That

  • busy vs. full- Everyone always says they are busy when you ask about their day. I am guilty myself. But I am trying to make an effort to live full days, not busy ones. I want my days to be more intentional. I am making a list each morning with the heading "I will...". The list includes things that need doing along with things that I like to do and things I wish I did, but never make time to do. So far, it seems to be quite effective.

  • I found a website called Simply Charlotte Mason. I really like the idea of this method of homeschooling. However, I don't honestly know if I could pull it off. This old dog has been using a completely different approach for so long, (thirteen years!) that I wonder how I can possibly make such a big change. Plus, is it too late to try this approach with the older kids? I don't know!

  • I got a new camera! I think it is smarter than me. But that is one of the things on my list mentioned above. To play around with the camera and figure out how to use it! Two days ago, I tried photographing the same flowers with the old and new camera, to see what the difference might be....
    old camera

    new camera
  • for Jack's Social Studies course, we did a virtual tour of St. Peter's Basilica the other day. I am hoping to see it in real life before we leave Germany. After viewing the Pieta, I said to the kids "Can you imagine taking a piece of marble and a chisel and creating something so beautiful," to which Anna quipped, "Yeah, Mom, that's marble-ous."

  • Ben's birthday was earlier this week. He would have been 16 this year, which I just cannot fathom. I wonder what he would have looked like, what his interests would be. All I can picture is my sweet little boy. I was supposed to go to a meeting that night, but Tony got held up at work and got home too late for me to make it to the meeting. I think it was God's way of making sure we celebrated Ben's life as a family, for Tony brought home BBQ wings, which were Ben's favorite food, and I cut up carrots and celery. Tony also bought ranch dressing, which we never have in the house. We had a nice, quiet celebration. I think Ben would have approved.

  • We had a surprise snowfall yesterday, with fine, fat flakes falling throughout the morning. It was cold enough to stick to the grass, but warm enough to not affect travel. The perfect snow in my opinion. The drive to Anna's band class was so pretty that I just wanted to stop the car and take a thousand pictures. Alas, my camera was not with me.

  • Though the snow is pretty, I am more than ready for Spring! And that is a little of life here in Germany on this chilly, foggy, February day!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Making changes

What do you do when you are unhappy with your life? You cry, you complain, and then? You snap out of it and realize that if you are unhappy, you need to change. No one else is going to do it for you!

After much soul searching, I realized what I didn't like and what I can try to do to better the situation.

Let's start with my faith. I know that there are periods of spiritual ups and downs, just like the rest of life. A spiritual dry spell is where I was. I decided to try to pray a rosary every day. We had recently been to Fatima. I stood in the very spot where Our Lady appeared to those three children and told them to pray the rosary every day. It must be a good thing if Our Heavenly Mother appears and tells us so! 31 is the number of rosaries so far this year!

Next is my desire to exercise more, which is not a lofty goal considering that anything above nothing is more than I was previously doing! This one actually solved two separate problems. One, I am out of shape, and two, I needed to find something to do on post while Anna participates in the band program at the middle school. It is only an hour, but it is every day and it was killing our morning homeschool schedule. Tony can take her on Tuesday and Thursday, but that left three days where we had an hour to kill on post or go home and turn right around again. The gym has a family room. Tony kindly showed me how to use the treadmill and the elliptical machines. The kids can join in or play in the toy area. I downloaded some books onto my Ipad and I can walk or jog for about 40 minutes before we have to pick up Anna! The genius part of this is that unlike going on a walk with the kids, I don't have to stop or walk at their pace. I can really get my heart pumping! Also, it seems to be helping with keeping those winter blues at bay, which is a very good thing, my friends.

Lastly, Lent is coming. The thing I really want to work on is being a better example for my children. My attitude in particular. I won't go into the particulars, but I have a plan for "giving up" some bad habits and replacing them with better ones. Pray for me? If you have any intentions you would like me to include in my daily rosary, please let me know. Either in the comments or if you prefer, email me at jenny reosti at yahoo dot com. I think you know how to turn that into a real email address!