Saturday, May 20, 2017


Nowadays, I will be doing some task and think, "This is the last time I will do this in Germany." The days are slowly dwindling on our European assignment. We must go back to our home country. The emotions involved are so contradictory that the whole family is struggling. Yesterday, we went to daily Mass (it was the next to last time for that), and after returning home, I was so tired out that I didn't have it in me to do any schooling, and I thought, "Let them just relax and play." They are just as unsettled as their mama apparently, for chaos and arguing quickly filled our echoing, empty house. As soon as dinner was done, we headed for the bowling alley to release some stress. It worked. Tears turned into hugs and laughing (the chocolate chip cookies might have helped too).

The previous day we went on a field trip (another 'last') that a friend so graciously set up for our family. We learned how brass instruments are made. Most of us were spellbound, excepting the two smallest, who quickly lost interest but hung in there with minimal complaints.

We toured the Alexander Musical Instrument manufacturing company. They produce baritone horns, Wagner tubas, regular tubas, and french horns. Their claim to fame are their french horns. Tony informed me that the first really good tuba he ever played was an Alexander.

Tomorrow is likely our last culinary hike. Monday is our last day in the house I have grown to love. Then we go to temporary lodging to await our flight home. Home. We have one waiting for us. A place I have only seen in pictures on the computer. But we will make it our home for the next year. This military life is full of upheavals, yet it is our life. And we will soldier on.