Wednesday, September 25, 2013


You know the wise words "If you don't have anything nice to say...". Well, yes, that would be why I haven't written anything lately. I am going through a bit of a rough patch and can't seem to find the answers. So. Silence.

But Jack asked me to post a picture of his latest Lego creation on here.

That's a vacuum cleaner. Just so you don't think he got the inspiration from seeing his mom do this on a regular basis, I will admit that I wish it was me, that little Lego lady. I can't seem to keep the house clean these days.

See this guy in his lounge chair? This is not me. I run a million directions all day, and at the end of the day, I cannot see any real accomplishments.
 Doesn't this look like the idyllic homeschool afternoon? Yeah. That lasted all about 5 minutes. Then the mosquitoes decided to join the party. Then we had to pack it all up and head back indoors. Boo.

See here? He looks like he wants to get up and do something important, but cannot. Maybe because his arms don't bend and he has no stomach muscles left because he cannot fit exercising into his day either.

This laundry thing is about to drown me this week. I start to fold the clothes and then someone needs something, or someone has to pee, or someone is bleeding.

There sits my knitting. I am all keyed up and knitting calms my nerves. But look at all the things that need doing. The dust is only half busted (someone needed to pee).

Yep. More laundry not folded. Some of that was folded but got unfolded by a cute little guy.

 And then I walk into the kitchen. Ack. Let's just walk back out, shall we?

But we shall end on a positive note. These were the centerpieces from the wedding of my cousin this past weekend. The boxes are from my great-aunt's store. I love antiques and I really love them when they are a part of my family's history.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yarn Along

I placed a rather largish yarn order the other day. Clicking on 'place order' was scary. I don't like spending money on me, I always feel guilty. Then I reminded myself that the reason for this purchase was to make items for those I love. That quelled the anxious feeling, but only a little. When it arrived and I squeezed all that soft, colorful yarn, I got all giddy like a child on their birthday. Oh, I will have fun knitting for sure and I look forward to seeing my little one's faces when they receive their handmade gifts.

I don't expect Peter to jump for joy over his sweater, but I am loving this pattern so far. I can't wait to finish and see him in it.

I am reading mostly stories to the children, and I am reading excerpts from 'The Faith Explained' for Jack's religion course. Oh, and I am listening to 'Jane Eyre' on my  phone.

Gratuitous kid pics because they were pestering me just so cute I had to snap a couple photos.

Joining Ginny.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Over Coffee

Do you have a cup of coffee with you? Do you even drink coffee or are you one of those people who can actually function in the morning without this most delicious beverage? Well, sit on down anyway. I wish on this beautiful day that you and I were sitting on my back porch with our coffee and catching up. Oh, and I do so want to hear what is going on with you today, so please tell me.

Fall is gently blowing a cool breeze this morning and is sending summer away into happy memories. This weekend was the first of these cooler days and crisp skies, and Saturday found us on a farm! Some friends of ours have a charming farm and when they sent out an invitation to friends to help with a barn raising, well, I got all happy inside. We said we would come even if we are city slickers with no knowledge of barn raising. As life in wont to do, things did not go as planned. They were behind schedule and we were the only people able to come, so we got to take an up-close look at their farm. My kids rode horses, make ink out of berries, chased chickens, and had themselves a good old time. I got to talk with a good friend and see a little of what life on a farm entails. A lot of work, that's what. But you know what? It only made my longing for a farm grow even stronger. I knew it from the moment our tires left the paved road and we were bouncing along on two dirt tracks with a strip of unworn grass down the middle, the dog barking and following us as we made our way to the farmhouse. Cows to the left of us, pigs to the right, and chickens, chickens everywhere! And in the kitchen, mason jars with such colorful foods on every shelf. Dinner was outdoors and after the dishes were done, we left for home tired, dirty, and sad that our day was over. Yet my heart was the happiest it has been in ever so long.

To throw a little reality into this post, I am really struggling with finding a rhythm for our schooling. Peter is a little tornado of activity and the minute I focus on something like reading with Jack, he has taken out a shelf of books. I put our pack and play in the classroom, but he is not content in there for long (maybe five minutes, and that is being generous) and then no one can focus on anything but the piercing screams of a baby who wants to be free.

I am also starting to worry about the upcoming move. I don't know what to pack, what to store, or when to do any of this. Ack. I wish I could magically transport us overseas without all the fuss.

Thankfully, I have thrown open the windows, turned off the A/C, and each time the panic starts to rise this morning, a billowy breeze comes through the window and sends my worries swirling with the leaves. Don't you just love these days? Go on, tell me. I've got a fresh cup of coffee!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Busy Days and Birthdays

In a span of three and a half weeks, we have celebrated three birthdays! Peter turned one, Anna is nine, and Therese is now three years old! Can I just say "whew"? We have eaten a lot of cake!

Anna knew for quite some time the things she would like for her birthday. A bigger bike (she needed one), her ears pierced (she is my girly girl), and a Rubik's cube (she is also fond of puzzles). Her grandmother gave her some money to pick out a new leotard for gymnastics. I looked at her the other day as she breezed past me and I saw that she is growing without my permission. I keep thinking of her as my little girl. She is now older than Ben ever got to be and maybe that is why I try not to notice that she is nine.

Let's just say that I will never have a lucrative career as a cake decorater.

It didn't really matter how they looked, they tasted delicious and they held the candles nicely.

My Anna Rose is growing up.

It's not pink! That was a major requisite for her new bike. She is tolerating the streamers.

Oh, my feisty three year old! All she wanted for her birthday was candy. And we all knew it. She reminded us frequently. She got other things too, I promise. Keeping with the sugar theme, the other thing she requested was a blue butterfly cake. Luckily, one of my friends had a cake pan shaped like a butterfly. I let her add the blue sprinkles to her heart's content. Three is funny, feisty, bossy, affectionate, opinionated, laughing, tantrum-throwing, "I do it myself", singing, and exhausting!

Dancing with her new guitar. As music majors, both Tony and I approve of this one. It actually plays real chords recorded by an actual guitar.

"Pleeease can I put the sprinkles on now?"

And then there is just life going on, making for full days and one tired, happy mama.

She found these beauties at a yard sale for 50 cents. They are on the wrong feet and they are 2 sizes too big.

This is the face he makes a lot!

I prefer this sweet face.

Peter loves his toothbrush. Jack is trying to be Abraham Lincoln.

The view from our porch Sunday night.

I wish I had a tripod. I could not hold the camera still.

Fresh salsa from tomatoes I bought locally. Mine were a complete failure this year.