Sunday, December 13, 2009

traditions old and new

A dear friend of mine graciously sends us books when she and her daughter are done with them. This was how we were introduced to these books. Anna enjoys these books (and so do I!) Laura would bring her plate to Ma to receive a pancake man. I have always brought the pancakes to the table as they come fresh and hot off the griddle, but now Anna stands there patiently with plate held under her chin, her big round blue eyes twinkling with anticipation as I slide a pancake man (or bunny) onto the plate. Then she fairly skips to the table.

It is a new tradition for us, but it also hearkens back to my own weekend mornings when my mother, who is way more artistic than her daughter, would make pancake shapes to order. We would call out our wish, and then there it would be on our plate.

This morning, after the pancake men were made, I started on the round variety for the rest of us. Usually I grab a bigger spoon for these pancakes since they do not require much precision. But I forgot. So the first pancake was tiny. I liked the way it looked, so I continued. They stacked up quickly because I could fit more on the griddle.

Don't they look nice?

They tasted better than usual to me, too. Could it be because while I mixed up batter with goat milk for Jack, Olivia volunteered and made the batter for the rest of us? I think it was a little love in those pancakes that made them so delicious.

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