Thursday, December 10, 2009

I didn't lose it!

Sitting at the classroom table, I often get frustrated with the clutter that accumulates during the week. Random half-finished papers, leftovers from crafts, stray pony-tail holders, pencils, books not in use, and that is only the top layer. So this morning I decided to tidy up while Sophie rewrote a sentence for me from her vocabulary lesson. What I found under the clutter took my breath away...there in the wood, carved with a compass, was a portrait done by an artist that definitely knows the difference between art mediums and a piece of furniture. I drew in a breath, ready to let loose my anger. I said about three words and stopped. I walked up the stairs to relay the event to Tony and then came downstairs calmly. For the crime, I assigned a paper with a relevant topic. Backing up just a bit, when I asked why she had done this, she told me a whopper of a lie and claimed it was an accident. I wanted part of the paper to focus on why it is better to tell the truth than to compound things with lying. I received some pretty serious teen anger, but...... I DID NOT LOSE IT!

Thank you, Mary my Heavenly Mother and role model, for helping me keep my mouth shut.

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