Friday, December 11, 2009

Seven Quick Takes--volume 3

I got up early this morning, tip-toed down the stairs so as not to wake any little people, and sat in my comfy chair in front of our home altar with my Magnificat in hand. What a lovely way to start this chilly day!
Tony and the two older girls have gotten up even earlier than me and left in the dark to exercise. This was my husband's idea and I think it is a great one. Before the move, we were members of the local rec department and would swim on a regular basis. We have not been very physically active these last months and it shows on all of us.
One of the "perks" of being a military family is the Commissary. The prices are generally lower than in the local grocery stores. There is one rule of thumb however. Avoid shopping on a pay day at all costs. Since I go once a week, I don't always notice the date. Recently, as I scoured the picked over shelves, I had to buy orange juice with "some pulp" and bring it to a decidedly pulp-free family. Every morning since, Jack's request is the same..."May I please have the orange juice with the not pulp?"
Returning from his trip to the store yesterday, Tony came in with a surprise for us. We have not yet seen the movie "Up", and he rented a copy. Movie night came a day early. My sister had warned me that I would cry. I did.
We are studying 20th century literature with the high school kids. I'll admit it. I am not enjoying "A Tale of Two Cities" at all.
Overall, I am glad to be a home owner once again. This week, I stocked up on baking supplies for the holidays. As I placed the last bag of flour in the pantry, the shelf collapsed. With all the other activity going on, I would have loved to call "maintenance" to handle the problem, like I did frequently when we lived on post. I called my own maintenance man, who is learning on the job, and he fixed the cabinet quite nicely.
I actually cried twice yesterday. First during the movie, and then at bedtime. I was sitting in my rocking chair with Jack cradled in my arms, snuggling and listening to him as he rambled on. All of sudden, he said "I'll be glad when Ben comes home to us." Then he wiped the tear that rolled down my cheek.

Thanks, Jen, for hosting.

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