Sunday, June 25, 2017

When it Rains or alternately, God's plan is not always what you expect

Firstly, I am extremely grateful for our safe arrival back in the US. No one threw up before during, or after the flight, which is a vast improvement from our flight to Germany. Our wonderful friends brought us a batch of chocolate chip cookies for the flight! They never made it on the flight since they were all consumed beforehand. Mainly because we had a major delay. Our priest came to see us off as well, which I appreciated ever so much.

Less than a week after our arrival, we received the devastating news that a dear friend had died unexpectedly. We hopped into the car we had purchased only days before, and made our way to Virginia. I am so thankful that we were able to attend the funeral Mass. we stayed in the area a few extra days to see Tony's siblings and other dear friends.

There have been some glitches getting settled into our new home, and I am trying my darndest to remain positive and trust that God has a plan in mind here. The hugest obstacle to my trust happened this week. I knew not to expect our household goods to arrive quickly so when I got the email on Thursday that not only were they in country, but actually in Kingsport, I was thrilled! I called to schedule delivery and that is when it became extremely hard to say "I trust you Lord" when they informed me they could not deliver it for an entire month!! What? Kingsport is not that big. How could there possibly be that many people needing to move?

Forward to the next evening, when I got a call from the maintenance man at our condo. "Umm, ma'am, there is water leaking from your unit into the basement. Could you come over quickly?" And we did, to discover that a water pipe had been leaking for almost 24 hours! It had soaked almost all the carpet on that level of the house. It is currently being dried out and we are praying that there is minimal damage. But now I see that if the furniture had been delivered when I had hoped, all our belongings would have also sustained water damage. How good is God for sparing us that heartache! And so I am reminded once again how God's way is really the best. I must try daily to put my trust in Him.

Meanwhile, I am so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful parents, who are housing our gang until we can finally move in. I know we are not an easy bunch to accommodate. Also, the church community has been so welcoming and the VBS was this past week. What great timing! With all the glitches,the kids were able to go have fun while the big people sorted out all the problems!

I hope to return to this blog more frequently once we are settled in to our new home.