Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Photo Journal of our Weekend

Before: no knobs was making me nuts! Tony has everything on the counter and ready to go!

After: I think it makes such a nice difference, plus I can easily get in the cabinets!

While finishing the cabinets, the kids noticed something strange outside. SNOW!!! A first for Jack and Anna. Their squeals of delight, running from window to window made my heart dance.

Thank goodness Tony and I went out and found the tree earlier that day. As the flakes fell, my family decorated the tree in the cozy warmth of our new house.

This ornament was given to us the Christmas after Ben died. A beautiful poem accompanied the delicate blue heart and makes me cry each year when I read it.

My kiddos posing for the traditional Christmas photo.

This morning before heading out to Mass, I bundled up the little ones and we actually were able to make a tiny little snowman! Then Olivia and Tony joined us for a lively snowball fight.

I think he's cute!

Now, can I get some cards ready to send to those close to my heart?

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