Friday, March 9, 2012

Young Writers Club {week 5}

Anna is joining in the Young Writers Club again this week.

Every year we go the the beach with Grandma and Pa and aunts and uncles and cousins. And every evening we go crab hunting in the dark with Aunt Holly. And sometimes we walk to the pier. And we jump waves. And we make sandcastles and dribble castles and we boogie-board the waves. The end.

I wanted to add her original work because it fills an entire page. She worked on this for several days. We talked about all the things that make the beach trip special and made a list on the dry-erase board. Then she set to work, every so often calling out to me "How do you spell....?" and I would ask her to just sound it out and to not worry about that, but work on remembering all the details.


  1. Aww..I love this!! I can't wait until Isaiah can write like that.

  2. I like going to see the ocean because it makes me feel so small. :-) I also like the way you can stand on the edge of the ocean and the surf pulls the sand out from under your feet. You are so blessed, Anna, to have this family tradition. And your handwriting is really lovely! I've forgotten (and you probably don't remember me), but how old are you now?

    Thanks for writing this week!

    1. from Anna:
      I am 7 and a half years old now!