Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Take me out to the front yard

My husband loves baseball. It is why, when we moved here, we got cable TV for the first time in 15 years. He wanted to watch his favorite team, the Detroit Tigers, play baseball. I have to admit, though not a sports fan in any sense of the phrase, going to the ballpark with my family is fun. Tony and I watch the games on the computer these days. I have made a sincere attempt to learn the Tigers player's names to give us some common ground. ( I am pretty sure he has no intention of learning to knit any time soon.) Recently, my husband has been scouring our library for books on teaching baseball to your kids. He has spent many hours at his workbench repurposing orange juice containers and hula hoops into practice equipment for the kids. He also cancelled our cable subscription. This evening, while I was preparing the dinner, he took the kids out front and started baseball drills. The kids ate up this time with their dad and I enjoyed a few minutes of quiet in the kitchen. But I couldn't stay away. I grabbed the camera and headed outside to join them as soon as all the food was prepared.

By the way, every night this week the kids have needed some serious bathing thanks to all the outdoor fun and the lovely weather. I think I have successfully weathered another winter. Hooray for springtime!


  1. Great pictures--your kids are so cute!!!

    Baseball reminds me of lice....

  2. What a great idea w/ the orange juice container! I'm going to buy some Tropicana just for that. I can see how it would teach good hand-eye-coordination.