Saturday, March 31, 2012

On Food

I know, you are probably tired of my food posts. But I am excited to share the stories from my kitchen this week.

First of all, I didn't plan it, but if I had, it couldn't have worked out better. On the menu for Monday night was spinach and sausage calzones. I bought a package of sweet italian sausage and a 16 oz. package of frozen spinach. I added some onions to that for the filling. Well, I had A LOT left over. As I sat there pondering, I realized I could use that as pizza topping on Thursday. Thursdays have become boring. The kids always want the same pizzas for dinner: BBQ pizza with pineapples and veggie pizza with olives, onions, sun-dried tomato, and whatever leftover veggies I happen to have.

So on pizza night, I really changed things up around here. I oven roasted an eggplant and some mushrooms and made one pizza topped with that. The second pizza I kept to the standard BBQ only for the kids sake. The third pizza I used some of the leftover calzone mixture. I could not fit it all on the pizza though, so I still had some left over. Then just because I was in the mood to change things up, I fired up the grill and cooked our pizzas outside. Yum!

Now here it Saturday and I had on the menu for us to have breakfast for supper. Guess what went into the scrambled eggs? Yep! The rest of the spinach and sausage! Then I made some hash browned potatoes and some bacon and set out the rest of the grapes. It was delicious and I did not waste any of the food I bought.

On the dairy-free experiments, I made this pudding, this granola (I did not use chocolate chips, I put in raisins and pecans instead), and this homemade ketchup. The ketchup was the perfect condiment for those hash browned potatoes this evening! I purchased some nutritional yeast this week and some kelp flakes (these were at the suggestion of my hair stylist to help with my continued hair loss even through pregnancy).

Over dinner this evening, Tony told me some interesting news. We gave up going out to eat for Lent. He looked over the budgets for the past months and informed me that we had been averaging over $200 a month on restaurants! I had no idea. He suggested using that savings to purchase some healthier food options that we thought out of our budget. I am in full agreement that restaurants are out and better ingredients are in!

Planning this week's menu is going to be such an enjoyable task. Oh, the decisions I have to make!


  1. I think my husband stops to eat more often than I do, actually since Simeon, I've only eaten maybe a sub sandwich a couple with no gluten, those are out. Very interesting how much you saved, we'd probably save more. We should really try that too. No dairy means no chocolate?


    This gluten free is not so bad I guess....
    (gotta have my handful of choco chips once in a while!)

    1. No milk chocolate, but I can have cocoa powder (what I used in the pudding) and I found some dairy free chocolate chips in the allergy section of the grocery store.

  2. Jenny, we made our regular hi fiber/low fat waffles for breakfast, but today, when I was at the amount of the last waffle, I put in a teaspoon of cocoa powder! Alex was in hog-heaven and that's no April foolin'. We use all-grain flour and grind up some flax seed and toss it in, but I know it also works with Bob's Red Mill gluten-free pancake and waffle mix. Hugs, Judy