Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Clean Soul

Yesterday morning, Anna came downstairs for breakfast and the first thing she said was, "Mom, I am really nervous about my First Penance tonight." We talked, again, about what would happen. I assured her that once it was all done, she would feel so much better. We practiced the Act of Contrition over and over. She thought of the things she wanted to confess.

 We headed to the Church after dinner, but as I looked at her sitting in the pew, I could tell that she was still very nervous. Can't you? Those eyes are so telling.
 But look at those eyes now! Can't you see the radiance of a clean soul shining through? She came right back to our pew and knelt so tenderly and whispered her prayer that was her penance.
 My heart was so full. Full of love for my sweet child that received her second Sacrament. Full of joy that all our preparing led to this moment. Full of thankfulness that we have this wonderful Sacrament available to us.
And very soon, she will receive our Lord in Holy Communion for the first time.

This morning, she has told me at least three times how good she feels after having gone to Confession. And that has filled my heart the most.


  1. Confession and forgiveness--essential for life, health, and conscience sake. Beautiful moment for your sweet girl.

  2. Congratulations, what a beautiful day!

  3. Aww...I love this!! Thank you, Lord, for the sacraments.