Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yarn Along- mother/daughter time

Oh boy! I am so nervous about this newest knitting project. I am going to have to seam it together! I am not quite sure what I was thinking when I decided to try and make this bolero. Not to mention picking up hundreds of stitches to make the ribbed edge. Good grief! Then, as I started knitting, the gauge is so confusing. It says the swatch should be knit in the pattern, but it doesn't say whether the measurements are supposed to taken as it is or as blocked. That makes a huge difference.

Sometimes it is good to step out of one's little bubble of security and try new things. How else can one learn? This second picture captures the color a bit better, I think.

The purchase of this yarn led to one of those embarrassing little moments in life. The owners of the yarn shop are Jewish and as I was paying for the yarn, the kids noticed a little aquarium with a turtle in it. Running over to peek at the turtle, they broke in song, "Turtle, turtle, turtle, I made it out of clay!" Imagine turtle being pronounced "toydle" and the dreidl tune being sung. The shopkeeper looked up in amazement and asked, "Are you Jewish?" to which I sheepishly replied, "No. We are Catholic." Kids. Oy!

I am so glad I ordered Hallie's book. I have been savoring each chapter just like my morning coffee. Little snippets and little sips.

Anna has almost finished her second project. A cowl. I will teach her how to weave in the ends today and also how to sew on a button. Hopefully it will be good incentive to finish up her schoolwork promptly. I love sitting on the couch, just the two of us, knitting and chatting.

Thank you Ginny, for hosting.


  1. Good luck with your project - although seaming and picking up stitches aren't nearly as hard as you might think (says she who does anything to avoid seaming!)

  2. Beautiful yarn you are using.
    It is good to keep learning new things it keeps you young! I just learned to pick up stitches for a collar,it took me several times to get it right, but I did it!
    My understanding, and I maybe wrong, is you measure gauge after it is blocked. :)
    Have a lovely yarn along day.

  3. I have that book on my Amazon wishlist - I like so many of the people who contributed to it, I'm sure I'll like the book!

  4. The stitch work on your bolero looks incredible!


  5. Beautiful yarn-squishy looking and a perfect color :)

  6. Just take the bolero pattern one stitch at a time. You'll do fine. :-)

  7. The knitting looks great! I just ordered Hallie's book. I've been waiting around to see if I win it, but no, so I bought it. =)