Thursday, March 15, 2012

Science or fun?

As we finish up our study of the earth's layers, we once again have a fun experiment that helped us end with a bang fizzle. We took this one outside since someone had just scrubbed the kitchen floor and really didn't want to do that job twice in one day.

The Catholic Heritage Curricula 2nd grade science book is wonderful! Did I mention that before? It is because I like it so darn much.

First we built the volcano out of clay. It is surrounding one of Therese's baby bottles. Then we made an ocean.

Jack is my ham. He is wondering if this thing is really going to work.

The less of a ham science student who can't wait to add the lava.

The lava.

Our first eruption from the volcano was not impressive enough for the kids.
I let them go ahead and add ALL the vinegar lava.

Much better.

And that my friends is just about the only schooling that got accomplished yesterday. But what fun we had. Today is going to be 82 degrees outside and sunny. I think a blanket on the grass is the best bet for school today.

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  1. You are an awesome mom. I have no idea why I shy away from cool projects like this! One day. =)