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  • Looking back over these long weeks of Lent, I am generally disappointed in myself. I had wanted to better myself through more prayer and reading Introduction to the Devout Life. I am nowhere close to finishing the book, but I will explain that in a moment. Prayer time, however, is where I failed miserably. Lots of nights, I fell asleep while reading to the kids. I continue to struggle with being tired. I still desire to deepen my prayer life and will not walk away from this challenge.

  • I had also wanted to work on my patience with the kids. They may disagree, but I feel like I did make some progress in this area. Those first weeks of pregnancy, the entire world in general irritated me. People breathing got under my skin! I yelled a lot. I am still easily irritated, but I have been trying to offer up these frustrations for special intentions. Which brings me to the reason why I have not made much progress on the book I had chosen. I think God wanted me to read another book. Search and Rescue by Patrick Madrid. I have not finished this one, yet, though I am close. Pray for me and for the reason I am reading this book, please!

  • My mother always says, "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." And she is right. I have been trying to keep a smile on my face when I go out and I don't think it is a coincidence that the people I have encountered have been just as friendly.

  • You may recall that a few months ago, the doctor wanted to put Sophie on oral contraceptives for irregular cycles. Well, we went back to the doctor the other day to get her health records updated for college and another doctor, who claimed to be Roman Catholic, told us he was "on our team" and felt certain that the Church was "OK with oral contraceptives in medical issues." At least he ordered more blood drawn to see if there were any abnormal levels. I think he was mad that I did not take his advice.

  • Anna seems to be doing well on the seizure medication. She does sleep in longer than she used to, but so did Ben on this medication. My anxiety levels are dropping slowly, and I have moved her back into her room at night with the monitor turned up extra high.

  • Not too long ago, I was reading the blog of an incredible woman. She mentioned a give-away on another blog, by a woman who makes hand-crafted jewelry. It was for a necklace in remembrance of a lost loved one. Guess who won? ME!!! I never win anything. Here is the necklace I won. I had Ben's name put on the back.

  • I get to be with my family for Easter, so I want to wish everyone a Blessed Easter. Thanks for putting up with my ramblings.


  1. You're pretty hard on yourself when I think you're just one of the most perfect people I've ever met! I'm so glad that Anna is doing better, and that YOU won the necklace. Perfectly appropriate!

  2. I challenged myself to memorize the book of Philippians, but I too have not done well battling against fatigue. But just because Lent has ended doesn't mean we have to stop trying til next year. Keep at it!

    I've fallen asleep reading to my kids too! I'm sure having Anna do better on her meds will help you sleep a little better.

  3. I stopped by to say hello and had to comment on what you said about patience. Just this morning during prayer time I opened up My Daily Bread (LOVE that book!) to a section on patience. "God is speaking to me!" I gasped, and felt properly inspired and Very Holy. Wouldn't you know, the minute I tried to teach longitude later in the day and my 5-year-old started jabbering...

    ...Well, that holiness went out the window.

    Humility is a good thing too, fortunately. :)

  4. I had to go on oral contraceptives when I was 15 for severe acne and the cycles. It worked. I'm still working on the patience thing!


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