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There's no place like home

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with my husband's family. Not only did we celebrate Thanksgiving, we also celebrated my mother-in-law's 80th birthday. Over 100 family and friends came together for this occasion! This is Eileen with all the grandchildren and a few nieces too! The day after Thanksgiving, we avoided the shopping craziness and went to the Museum of Natural History in DC. The kids decided to check out the dinosaurs first... and then onto the rocks and minerals.... and of course we saw the elephant! After 3 full days of fun and excitement, I can honestly say that there is truly no place like home!

Once she got started....

the poems just kept flowing! Lemon squeeze, lemon squeeze, How many lemons? Just one. Bananas, bananas How many bananas? Just ten. Ice cream, ice cream Melt in the sun. Ice cream, ice cream Who will eat the ice cream? Meanwhile, Jack discovered the Hokey-Pokey today. He is a cute dancer, I must admit.

Budding Poet

Anna bounded up to me, obviously with something big to share. Did I want to hear a poem? I was not aware she knew any poetry. No, these are not well-known verses, these are Anna's own musings: Rainbow, rainbow, after the rain Rainbow, rainbow, rain. A Winter Poem Snowman in the sun You will melt like ice cream in the sun. A Summer Poem Summer, summer, sun is up Summer, summer, wear some summer clothes Cold, cold, cold Not summer anymore Wear a warm long-sleeve shirt Or you will get shivering cold. Summer, summer, don't wear long sleeves Wear some short sleeves. Did you pick up on the theme? She is unhappy that summer is a long way off and she must wear warmer clothing. This all comes from living in southern Georgia for the past 7 years, where there are not distinct seasons. One can wear short sleeves year round. Sorry Anna, we are not in Georgia anymore.

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY(November 23)... Outside my window...gray skies and damp, trampled leaves. I am thinking...about all the food I will prepare for family this week. I am thankful for...the soothing quality of a favorite song. From the learning rooms...a shortened number of days to work with. I am old, comfortable sweat shirt, jeans and socks on my cold toes. I am creating...a gift for my mother-in-law for her 80th birthday. I am the library! I am reading...A Tale of Two Cities I am be a source of encouragement for someone close to my heart. I am hearing...the gentle, swirling water and the hum of the spin cycle in the washing machine. Around the house...children scattered about in various stages of morning chores. One of my favorite things...the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe that was gifted to me by my most thoughtful sister-in-law. A few plans for the rest of the week: to be truly thankful for each moment, to take a meal to the neighbors who just welcomed

Seven Quick Takes Friday--vol.1

--1-- I find it ironic that my "quick takes" post will probably be my longest post so far! --2-- I am still learning about all the wonderful advent traditions out there. Should I try to pick one or two to keep from being overwhelmed? Will I feel guilty if don't do all of them? I want to help my family prepare their hearts for Christmas without feeling stressed myself. --3-- I love getting mail. Personal mail, not junk mail and bills, those are not fun or uplifting. My mother-in-law sends me a weekly letter. I look forward to checking the mail each Thursday. There it is! A manilla envelope with a letter for me written on the outside of a small white envelope. Inside my letter are coupons she thinks I might use. Plus the Sunday comics from her paper for the kids. Some weeks there will be other little surprises too. --4-- I like bamboo knitting needles better than metal ones. The metal kind seem cold and loud. Bamboo feels soft and warm and quiet, just how knitting should be

a little thought for the day

As Jack and Anna were playing with Ben's track, it almost seemed like he was playing with them. This is another thing I am thankful for, that even though I can't see him, I feel his presence in so many things we do.

knitting from the heart

I started knitting shortly after we lost Ben. It has been a sort of therapy for me. I am not a great knitter, (I look up how to do things frequently), but that does not matter. It is calming to my mind and soul. There are always some needles and yarn in my purse, for when my husband is driving or I have to wait in an office. One of the first things I knitted was a wool diaper cover for my cloth diapers. I figured it did not have to look perfect to do its job! There have been hats, dishcloths, toys, and currently I am attempting a sweater for Anna. This will have to sit in my knitting bag for a few days though, because today I felt that God wanted me to make a tiny blanket for a friend who lost the baby she was carrying. It is a small gesture that I hope will let her know I am grieving with her.

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Monday November 16... Outside my window...The sun is finally back, and the sky is so bright and blue. I am thinking...of the busy week ahead and praying for the extra energy I will need. I am thankful children, who always keep things lively and interesting. From the kitchen...are slim pickin's, the commissary trip is today! I am wearing...jeans and a t-shirt with a light cardigan to keep the early morning chill away. I am creating...a sweater for Anna, though it seems like it might be small. I am register at our new parish. I am reading...the Magnificat. I am keep all students on task today. I am hearing...Anna making up a song while she plays in the other room. Around the house...laundry to fold and puzzles on the floor. One of my favorite things...the cozy, comforting feeling I get from looking at my walls with their fresh moss green paint. A few plans for the rest of the week: daily Mass at least twice, college applications for Sophie, a

Jack Says...

This morning, Jack was walking around in circles saying "" in a slow monotone voice. I asked him, "What are you doing"? His reply? "I'm whining, Mom"!


Sometimes I feel like my thoughts escape me before I even fully realize the thought itself. They are so fleeting. So are those small moments of each day with my children. My goal is to chronicle these ideas and moments, so when I start wondering whether or not I have lost my mind, I can find and enjoy them all over again.