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Walk with me

Hello friends! I thought I'd take you on a walk around the block with me since we all have to keep our distance these days. The city of Columbia announced this morning that starting Sunday we would be housebound. The state came back and said they didn't have the right to make that call, so we shall see what transpires. Either way, our neighborhood is not in the city limits, praise the Lord! The other piece of news before we begin is that the SC state parks are officially closing tomorrow through the end of April. That means no camping trip for Spring Break for us :( Now, as we depart the driveway, let me introduce you to my current nemesis. Oh, he may look nice enough, but the pollen he produces is wreaking havoc on the camper and tow vehicle, which are parked beneath him. Oh, and I know it is not nice to point this out, but he smells something awful! Just around the corner, for we live on the corner of our street, is this lovely dogwood tree. They happen to be my fa

On a Saturday

I had pretty much decided that Saturday would be "organizational day". That is, go through all the accumulated messes throughout the house and get things back to a state of "somewhat tidy". Being the optimist that I am, I foolishly thought it would take a day. I am not even through the first room! Holy moly, are we an untidy people! Then, I looked out the window and saw a truck in our yard. And then I remembered a brief conversation with the president of the lake association months ago about wanting to remove some trees from our property that are leaning toward the lake. I personally think they are the most beautiful trees and I often photograph them. Poor trees. The treemen set to work preparing to fell my beloved trees when they realized their truck had sunk into the mud and they were stuck. Hoping that divine providence was on my side, I waited to see what would transpire. What transpired was the calling in of a tow truck. Now there were two trucks i

A few days later...

This week has brought so many changes for all of us. I was sadly right in thinking that Sunday was our last Mass for a while. Our home away from home, Columbia Children's Theatre has postponed their current production as well as cancelling classes. It all seems like a weird dream. Thankfully, the days are slowly growing warmer and the sun stays out a bit later each evening. Afternoon walks for me, while the kids ride circles around me, has become the new thing. Sometimes I bring my camera, hoping to capture some loveliness. I always bring my podcast of the rosary, so I don't lose my place while the kids zoom around me, shouting "Look at this!" Mostly, it is their attempts to ride with no hands, so you will excuse me if I don't want to look. Sure, I did that as a kid too, but of course I knew I wouldn't get hurt! When we return, I start cooking dinner. We have not been able to enjoy leisurely meals in a while because our evenings are spent at the theatre. I

Its been a while

One of my goals for this new year was to document more and tell our story, lest I forget. That was the original intent of this blog, mind you. Here it is March, and I have nothing to show for it, written out, that is. When life presents some of its more challenging days, I tend to not want to think about it, much less write it down for all eternity. To sum up the big things: - Olivia joined the Air Force and is currently in the middle of her schooling, before being assigned to her first duty station. - Jack and I celebrated birthdays, a day apart, sharing a cake as usual. - I made some wooden picture hangers to display my photography. -We have been trudging along with school, but all of us have hit the inevitable mid-winter slump. -I have been crocheting, rather than knitting, per the request of my sister and my niece. -We continue to live our days at Columbia Children's Theatre. Anna and Jack were in the production of  The Secret Garden . Therese was asked to join