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One more reason I want to get rid of the television

Let me start by stating that until we moved to Virginia three years ago, we did not have cable. We relied on an antenna to provide us with the local channels for news and weather alerts, and the children watched only videos that we bought or rented. I was happy with this arrangement, but my sports loving husband was not. Growing up, Sunday afternoon was spent with his family and neighbors gathered together, rooting for the home team. These are very good memories for him. So...when we moved here, the bundle package of cable, phone and internet was so reasonably priced that I caved. Oh, how I wish there was a way to give my husband his sports another way! This weekend, we used the "on demand" feature to let the kids watch a program while I prepared dinner. They found one of the Pixar short films that appear before the full-length movies. It was "Knick Knack", which I remembered I liked for the Bobby McFarren music and cute little characters. I can't tell you who

Yarn Along

Life feels just like this picture right now: moving so fast that it is a blur! I expect nothing less from my little firecracker, but my days seem to blow through here barely giving me a chance to catch my breath before the next one arrives.  I am very happy with how the longies turned out! I am still reading O Pioneers. Go visit Ginny , our host.

Pray with me?

I believe it was Barbara over at Praying for Grace that led me to this wonderful site. I will be praying for two very personal, and seemingly impossible intentions for the next nine days. I find it so lovely to be praying along with others. Don't we all have some cross in our lives that feels impossible to carry? Or maybe your heart is heavy because a loved one is suffering. Not only is prayer very powerful, but I always find a calmness comes over me when I turn to our Lord with my pleadings. Won't you consider joining me?

Sunday Afternoon under the Tree

You know, in the rush to get from here to there, one oftentimes misses the beauty all around them. Sometimes you need to read blogs to have your eyes opened! Who would have ever guessed that this remarkable tree was literally in my backyard? OK, so maybe not in my yard, but less than 10 minutes from my yard. After Mass, I looked hopefully at Tony and asked if we could stop and see the tree, knowing that the Lions were playing today. He gave his consent and off we went. It was truly a lovely afternoon.   If I knew how to make this a banner at the top of my blog, I would!  Such a sweet moment.  Father and Son  Momma and her girls (some of them, anyway!)  This is my favorite picture of the day.  "Mama! I found a double acorn!"  What's a photo shoot without some moose-ears?  Listening to the game.  In an attempt to get a better shot, I actually climbed the tree. That is my

Sometimes it takes a brick to the head....

When will I ever learn that I need look no further than our Lord Himself for the answers to my questions? I did not open my Magnificat this morning, but as I sat down to lunch, I opened it up and said a little prayer that I might find some words to help me. You see, I had been pondering all morning about how to grow in my faith. The thought that it would be nice to have someone (like a penpal) to check in with on a regular basis to discuss faith issues privately came to me. I should not have been so surprised to read the following Intercessions: Fill our hearts and our homes with mercy and justice: Lead us on the path toward perfect love: Keep our minds and our tongues from gossip and slander: Surround us with people striving toward goodness: So I am asking...does anyone want to be my spiritual penpal? Penpals striving toward goodness? I am adding an e-mail contact to my sidebar, just in case!

A New Day

Lately, I have been feeling like a failure less than adequate at my vocation as wife and mother. I read other blogs and instead of finding myself inspired, I just feel tired and defeated. When you don't have nice thoughts, you don't post much. At least I don't. I desire to be better. I desire to feel better. I beg God each night to help me be better. Wanting the best for my family, both physically and spiritually, I yearn for the ability to provide them with food that is not processed beyond recognition. I long for a small farm where we can spend our days working together growing good food and raising a few animals. I dream of a solid, orthodox parish where we can grow in our faith together. These are my dreams. But not everyone in my family shares these dreams. They have their own dreams and goals that do not involve a little land and a lot of elbow grease. How to mesh these differing ideals seems almost impossible and I am left feeling tired and defeated. So I am tr

Yarn Along with Anna Rose

I was asked by Anna if I could please post her knitting and reading this week in the yarn along. She has been working diligently at making a scarf for her little sister.  I skipped teaching her to cast on and did that myself. She has learned many things about knitting so far. See all that extra yarn beside the ball? She learned that sometimes you must rip back and try again. And again. She brought me her work this morning with 6 extra stitches and a hole from a dropped stitch. I sat beside her and watched as she worked a row to make sure she remembered how to correctly wrap the yarn.  Anna has been reading The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. At bedtime, Olivia will read some of it to her, but mostly, she is reading it herself.  I think she will become quite the knitter in no time! Don't you? As for me: one leg done, one to go on Therese's longies for the winter. Hop on over to Ginny's for more yarn along fun!

Prayer Request

Tonight I gave Anna the last dose of her seizure medicine, which we have slowly been decreasing for the past six weeks. I am scared. I am also wondering if the middle of cold and flu season was a smart time to try taking her off the meds. Trusting in His infinite wisdom is something very hard sometimes. Will you please pray for her? For me? For all my crosses, those I have shared and especially those I hold in the quiet of my heart?

Yarn Along

I sure hope I don't become a "one-glove wonder", as in "I wonder what happened to the other glove she was going to knit?" I needed some mindless knitting before I tackle those tiny toothpick needles again. Some wool longies ought to be just the thing, except...  ...can anyone please explain to me what I am doing wrong on my short rows? The wrapped stitch on the knit side turns out perfectly. The one from the purl side still leaves a gap. WHY??? I have watched many a you-tube tutorial on this and still I have holes. Talk about feeling inept. Those holes are sitting there, taunting me, "Ha, ha. You think you know how to knit? Think again!"  I am still reading my Willa Cather novel, "O, Pioneers". More frequently, though, I am reading the lesson plans and listening to Anna read to me from her reader. I tell you, these stories are so sweet and filled with lessons we all need reminding of. Go on over to Ginny's , our host. It's always

Monday Morning

While we slept last night, a cold invaded our little house. Anna is lying on the couch, glassy-eyed and pathetic. Therese is already asleep again at 8:00 in the morning. The box of tissues has been relocated for quicker access. Outside isn't looking much better. It is drizzly and drippy out there too. And chilly. We used the fireplace this morning to warm our toes and our spirits. It seems like the perfect time to pour myself a warm cup of coffee and try to catch up on capturing the little moments in our little lives. A rainy day last week. It rained it gusts and spurts, providing the kids an hour or so of fun. Baby feet. What could be sweeter? Pondering.  I often wonder what she is thinking. Carefree. The road was filled with rainwater. Jack scooped it up into his boots. Then he sloshed around until they needed to be reloaded. A dear friend from our days in Tennesse has begun a baking business. We won a drawing for a loaf of her bread. It paired perfec