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A Fall Afternoon

Today is gorgeous outside! A perfect opportunity to try and catch some cute smiles from the kiddos. Or thoughtful gazes. Or kids just being kids. The golden color lifts the spirits. My gift from Anna before running off again joyfully. Now I am going back outside to play. What are you doing today?

Yarn Along 3

First of all, my apologies for posting two pictures instead of one. I could figure no other way to show details and show the book. The diaper cover is done and works wonderfully. I had started this blanket for Therese way before she was born, but I am not a fast knitter and am dreadfully fearful of having to correct mistakes, so I am still working on it. The yarn is so delicate and soft. Perfect for this pattern that I found on Ravelry. It is easy to remember, too, so I can take it in the car and knit while my husband drives! I have started reading the sequel to Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers. Also, we have been reading about the first Thanksgiving with the little ones. We made it to the library today to pick up a slew of books on Firefighters, Jack's new passion. Tony had requested materials from all the different branches and there they were, waiting for us, along with our favorite librarians. I know I have said it before, but I love our library. I feel like I have st

Yarn Along

I want to thank Ginny at small things for hosting the yarn along. What with a new baby in my arms, I have not found time for reading or knitting and they happen to be two of my favorite things to do. I miss the needles clicking softly as the yarn makes nice neat rows of little hearts. It does my own heart good to see things so organized while my house is still so crazy! How are you supposed to fit all these baby gadgets in a room? We are definitely not going to be looking like anything in Better Homes and Gardens any time soon. Sigh. The knitting is so close to being done. I could finish it within an hour or two, but there are so many other pulls on my time and heartstrings. I can't wait to lanolize the cover and see it on her little bum! The book is so good! I did not think I would be reading this for quite some time, for I was number 43 on the wait list when I put a hold on it. But when I went for my weekly library visit, there it was, with my name on it, waiting for me! I look


Don't you wish your towel had ears? Jack and Anna do. Hmmm. Maybe a good idea for Christmas! If only I can find time for a little sewing.

Yarn Along

I really like this idea from Small Things. The knitting is a wool diaper cover for Therese. It is easily my worst knitting project. Ever. First, I run out of yarn and have to add a second color. Then, while adding the short rows, I accidentally added the second one on the front instead of the back! Third, I somehow got one stitch off of the pattern so that the ribbing is weird. I am not finished yet, leaving me ample opportunity to mess up even more. But considering what the finished item will be used for, I am letting it go. The book is Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers. This is the first story I have read by this author and seeing how this book ends on an unfinished note so you have to read the sequel to see what happens, I will be reading the sequel. I liked the story enough to want to know the rest of the story!

A Child's View

During the long drive back from our homeschool co-op, Therese let me know that it was time to eat in a not-so-quiet, very persistant way. So, at the first exit, I quickly made my way to a gas station parking lot. As Therese ate, the kids and I watched a taxi pull in beside us. It was not a sedan but a mini-van type taxi. With an excited whisper, Anna declared: Mom! I think it's the Cash Cab! Maybe, just maybe, we've been watching too much TV!