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God's Little Weed

I've always wondered why God loves me. I mean, I mess up all the time. I am constantly frustrated with my humanness. My inclination towards choosing to do the wrong thing. Most days, I feel unlovable. Today, God gave me a little insight into His love for me. I am God's little weed. Weeds are unwanted, undesirable plants that most people try to eliminate from their yards. Most people see no beauty or worth in them. Yet didn't God create weeds along with all the other plants that people cultivate and nurture to make their yards appealing? He did! And God created me, along with all the other bigger, better plants out there. But He cares for all His creations, from the tiniest little bird to the largest mountains. He loves them all. And He loves the weeds too! I am all right with being a weed. Especially since that is what He led me to today. That small, tiny plant on the side of the road that captured my eye with its delicate purple flowers. No one planted it there, yet i

Out of Doors

The battle between me and the kiddos is screen time. I don't want them on a screen and they do everything in their power to find a way to get screen time. I find this illogical because I see what they do when the mom is winning the battle and they head out the back door. This week, they have been working on creating a fort. It is next to our giant fire pit, so maybe they need to protect our "fire power". Remember the evil tree people who took out my two favorite trees? They never came back like they promised to remove the downed trees. So Tony has been spending his days making a wood pile for our giant fire pit. Did I mention it is so big our minivan would fit inside? The kids have been joining him down by the pit, creating their own space. We also continue in our quest to catch a fish out of the lake. We have been planting seeds in our tomato pots from last year. We watch the geese and their new babies. I take walks, while the kids ride their bikes around me. Some of u

Yarn Along

Baby blankets have been the theme lately. Crocheting rather than knitting since my sister requested this specific blanket, and it was written in British terms to boot, I stepped up to the challenge. I made it 6 rows in when I discovered some major errors in the pattern I paid for. When I buy a pattern, I expect one that is well-written, with good photos and explanations. This one was disappointing in every way. Thankfully, I had a friend who helped me navigate Ravelry and find the corrections that were buried deeply in a "crochet-a-long". Then, blanket finished and delivered before the delivery date, I had one more blanket to make for a family member . She had seen my in-progress pictures of the blanket on this blog and said she really liked it. I actually was ok with making a second one since all the problems had been worked out already. I used different colors though, using colors from the blankets I had made for her other children. Now that both the blankets are finis