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 I am knitting a toy tiger. I am also knitting a sweater vest that is very tedious work. Thus the tiger gives me a break from the hard work of the sweater. Except when I get complacent and think I know the pattern and don’t pay close enough attention. But then, in knitting, you have such a thing as a lifeline. For those non-knitting readers, it is a row of knitting with a piece of scrap yarn in it so that if you need to unravel your work, you have a safety row in place to save your project. I had not placed such a lifeline, thinking it would not be needed. Fortunately for me, I could easily sew one in and then unravel my mistake. Also, I am using a set of broken needles because they still are usable, though not perfect. Why am I telling you this, you ask?  Well, it got me to thinking, it did. What if life had a point at which we could safely return to and undo mistakes? A point where things were going well and even if we are using broken needles (because aren’t we all broken in some wa