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Fog and faith

 I stepped out into the coolness of the November morning to start the car and defog the windows, preparing to take Jack to school. Daylight had yet to appear. As we drove the many miles, the sky lightened, and we could see the mist hanging out just above the grass. We usually listen to a story together on our drive, adding commentary, exchanging a knowing glance or a shocked expression as the twists and turns unfold. I relish this time with Jack. I know that all too soon he will be preparing to leave the nest, like his sisters before him. 

On the drive back, I pull my rosary from my purse and pray. By this time, the sun is just about to appear, making the sky a beautiful orange-pink on the horizon. I am pondering much as I pray, for the path I am on is once again rocky and uncertain. Such is life, whether we have faith or not. Faith makes it bearable. For the most part, the road home is a straight shot and I can see the ribbon of road laid out before me, narrowing in the distance. The mist has become a fog this morning, shrouding the trees and the skyline, making the horizon blurry, like an unfocused photograph. I realized that this is just like life. I do not know what lies ahead for me, but God does. In His wisdom, He knows that maybe I am not ready to face all that is beyond my earthly understanding. So he shrouds it beautiful light and fog. And so I drive on, hoping and waiting to see what the journey brings.


  1. Hi Jenny, Your words are so strong but yet comforting. Life is Life and we just need to live it day by day the best we can and it sounds like your doing just that! Love to all

  2. Sending love. As always I am in awe of your strength and faith.

  3. Great out look. No matter what life throws at us, with faith we can place our trust in God. Roger


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