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Friday thoughts

In an attempt to write more, I am trying this old format to get the creative side to awaken.. Outside my window...I see blue skies for the first time in days. It was beginning to feel like Germany here in South Carolina. Days and days of dreary rain and colorless skies. There are ripples on the lake water and leaves scattered about the yard looking almost like an impressionist painting. I am thinking...about Thanksgiving and family. I am thankful...for so many things, though lately I have been in a negative state of mind. However, writing out your thankfulness usually results in a more positive outlook, so... -for my family -for new friends -for our priests -for a beautiful view outside my window -for quiet mornings -for coffee -for a chance to do things better each day From the lesson is Friday, in which I do not plan formal lessons, but keep it open for catch up, field trips, and fun. We will take off the entire week for a Thanksgiving/Fall Break. We current