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  I am starting to see evidence that summer is fading and autumn is arriving. This morning on my walk, I noticed a definite coolness in the air. The sky has been overcast and reminding me of Germany, a past  season of life for us that I recall most affectionately. The colors are changing hue from bright green to browns and oranges. The seasons are reminding me that life changes seasons too. Sometimes it is sad to leave a season behind, especially when the one ahead is so uncertain. But as surely as summer must come to an end and fall will take its place with new yet different beauty, so too can our new seasons in life bring a beauty better than we could have hoped. Trust in God and His perfect timing in all things is my current mantra. I pass this locked box on a utility pole every day and I wonder what it is and if it is still useful.  So many berries are on the bushes and trees. God in His goodness is providing the birds and other animals with nourishment. How much more does He provi

Through the lens

  Today, I walked around the yard, looking for something to photograph that brings me joy. I came back in, unsuccessful. Then I saw my recent addition to my kitchen sink area. That little antique shop find, plus some fake flowers on clearance make me smile each time I stand at the sink, preparing food, cleaning up, caring for my family. Also on my windowsill over the sink is the little apple pie girl given to me by my Grams long, long ago. I miss her, but I think of her each time I glance at the doll. Finding joy in the little things that surround me, seeing God's glory in nature, these are the things I cling to.