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Critter Warfare Continues

Last week, I went out to discover that rabbits like not only beans but my beloved okra too! This called for immediate action. I picked up some netting, some posts, and a container of pellets that are supposed to make the critters turn away in disgust. The pellets seemed to work for about 48 hours. I am guessing that the rabbits just don't care what my okra smells like. So last night, Tony put up the netting. He promises me that he investigated the world record for how high a rabbit can leap. He also promises that the fence is higher than that, yet low enough for me to step over. We shall see.

Look Ma, No Cast!

Peter's month of confinement in a cast is done! He was a real trooper. He adapted very well and could still get everywhere, and I do mean everywhere! The stairs? Not a problem. He could navigate them up and down. The potty? He discovered it's a splash zone in there and we are currently training the rest of the troops to keep that door closed. As soon as we got home, I gave him the first bath he's had in a month. (Not in the potty, in the tub ;) ) We are all very thankful for that bath. Even a cute baby foot can get very stinky in a month. I'm betting that he will be walking in no time now that he is free.

Yard Sale Treasures

On Saturday mornings, the kids, Tony and I enjoy yard sale-ing in the neighborhood. We fill some water bottles, attach the bike trailer, and off we go on an adventure. Some mornings it is only the fun of being together that we come home with. Which is of course a treasure in itself. Other times, well, you find something really special. I guess my "style" is nostalgic/antique/retro. What do you think? A little rust and a little steel wool and a lot of patience... yield these results. I can just picture these cute chairs with cute little kids sitting in them gathered around my 'door' table. A little more elbow grease on my part and we'll see.

Through the Viewfinder

Pictures from the backyard on a Friday afternoon. This means that fresh okra is not too far off! I call this one 'not happy campers'. "Hey! This is my photo shoot!" He makes this face when he is unsure if something new is good or bad. If you are going to make me wear a necklace, I will do my Elvis impersonation. It is hard to capture bees in photos. This was easier.

Yarn Along- Big and Small

To hand over months and months of work to your postal worker takes courage my friend. They cannot possibly understand the importance of the package in their mailbag. The day I received the news that my gift had reached its recipient, I breathed a sigh of relief. And now, I can share with you the pictures of the baby blanket. I will say that while I love the finished product, the pattern was written so poorly that I cannot recommend this pattern to anyone. The blanket was the big project, taking me at least 4 months to complete. After something like that, well, I needed to go small scale. There was a partially completed little owl laying in my knitting bag, so I finished knitting him. I had made a smaller one for Peter a while back. Anna really liked the new owl, so it is hers. I ordered some yarn for a new project that will require sewing along with knitting and several other new techniques. Hopefully my mailbox will have fluffy yarn in it today. While waiting, I


Why oh why are little tiny rabbits so cute? I mean, they melt my heart when I see them daintily hopping through the yard with their tiny little noses twitching in the air and their silky ears and cute little cotton tails. But when I see the destruction they leave behind... I just want to have me some rabbit stew! Those stalks were my beautiful green bean plants. They were so healthy and they were thriving. But no more. I will not be enjoying fresh beans from the garden this year. The rest of my tiny garden looks like this... The tomato plants mostly look good except that some of the plants are getting yellow leaves at the bottom. I think my turnips are doing well, but since I have never planted them before, I don't rightly know. Nor do I know when they are ready to eat. My zucchini plants are very small and the birds are eating the tiny fruits before they get much bigger than my pinky finger. The same goes for the cucumbers. I need some environmentally friendly solutions

The Author

Anna loves the books by Mo Willems. Specifically 'The Pigeon finds a Hot Dog.' I believe they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The Penguin Find a Donut written and illustrated by Anna Reosti the Pangwin Find a Donut by Anna Reosti Haa! A Doenut. Yummy. I love donut. espiely with spingles. I want a doenut.  Well this is my doenut. where the box that it came in.  Well I fond it on th ground. well Do you have anything els to eat.  Hmmm I do have a cookie. well can I have the cookie.  Hmmm I think I ate the cookie. You ate the cookie.  Yes but I got an idea. Wow you are smart.  thank you. the end bye bye

June Goals

I have seen this idea twice now and both times I have thought "Gee, I should do that." First here . And then here. For months now, I have been in survival mode. I don't like living that way. So I will take a leap and dive in and try to not only stay above water, but do it gracefully and beautifully. I may add more, but this is the list as of this morning. - finish Shannon's baby blanket -have a yard sale - make bread at least once a week - finish Mother Angelica's book (the library wants it back) - do '3 good things' every night That last one is something Tony came up with and we have been doing off and on, but I want it to be every night since it has sparked great conversation. We go around the table and say three things that were good about our day.  Having this list broadcast for all the world to see (or my 3 readers) and not just on the fridge will hopefully keep me motivated.    

Goodbye May (and that extra toe)

Whew! What a month. We are back from Kitty Hawk. Peter and I hung out together on our first day early enough to watch the sun rise over the ocean. It was unseasonably cool that first day. The kids wanted desperately to get in the pool. Through chattering teeth, they swore that they were having a good time and were not too cold. I think he looks cold. Olivia and I had the same plan. Hang out poolside. Doesn't everyone use flippers as float paddles? They work ever so well! Poolside with the camera. My goal was to stay right there in that lounge chair. I had no desire to set foot in that pool. After lunch, we headed out to the Wright Brothers Memorial. My sister and her family met us there. Jack has been fascinated by all things relating to the Wright Brothers lately, and we were not disappointed. The man giving a talk impressed us with his knowledge and his love for the subject. They wanted to leave flowers on the memor