Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Yarn Along

Now that I know that this sweater made it to it's new home, I can show you the final pictures without spoiling the surprise. Oh, I tell you it is so hard to hand over that hand-knit item to a postal worker and trust that they will handle your package with care.

I am still reading 'The Gift of an Ordinary Day'. I am about halfway through and I really wish I had been able to read this when my older girls were not already grown and out of the house.

Joining Ginny, as usual.

Before adding the buttons. I went to my first German fabric store and managed to convey my need of small buttons.


  1. Beautiful colour and those little buttons are a delight. Where are you in Germany? My husband was in the British Army for 22 years and served in Detmold, Gutersloh and Soest, wonderful times.

    1. We are stationed at Sembach with the Army Band. It is absolutely beautiful here!

  2. We love our sweater! Just right for keeping the chill off at Mass. And the one I made for her? She's growing so fast, by the time I finished it (in only three weeks) she'd outgrown it. I stuff her in it sometimes anyway. :-)