Tuesday, May 20, 2014

On the Surface


Isn't it amazing how pictures can capture a moment, but not capture it?

How we can turn to the camera, put on a smile, strike a funny pose, and make everything look grand. But just after the shutter snaps (I don't know, does a shutter snap on a digital camera?), reality returns. Life is messy. And noisy. And sometimes not so pretty. I guess it makes you appreciate the neat, quiet, beautiful moments when they occur. Or maybe it helps you seek out the good when you really want to throw in the towel.

Looking at my magazine with pretty pictures of salves and creams, I picture this nice quiet time in the kitchen mixing this and that and making something good and wholesome for me and the kids. I should have taken a "during" shot of the kitchen! What a mess for two tiny little jars. One for me (body butter) and one for Peter's tush (the whole reason I started this mess in the first place! )

I want to create a world for my kids that they can look back on fondly. I hope they can filter out the yelling and bickering and recall the day that mom brought lunch outside on a special tray and put the tablecloth over the metal utility table to make it fancy. I hope they recall these days as being the best of times. For that is how I think back on my childhood.

I am trying to find a rhythm here in this new home of ours. I am reading, taking notes, trying out ideas. Trying to be better for my family, so that we can all reap the benefits. Trying to come to terms with the things I can't change and forge ahead bravely to fix what can be changed. For I can change how I choose to look at things, and that may just make all the difference.

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