Friday, May 9, 2014

From the classroom table

If anyone else has a child with perfectionist tendencies, then you will appreciate the following example.

It says, "John was a bold lad. On the start of every school year the students were asked to write their name on the chalk board and every year it was the same."

When he saw the word 'bold' on his spelling list, he was so excited that he could quote one of his favorite books. Part of his weekly assignment is to use his spelling words to make sentences. His favorite book? John, Paul, George, and Ben. He does have good taste in books.

He let go of the need to have every word spelled correctly and had fun writing. A BIG breakthrough!

While we were doing spelling, Therese asked if she could practice her handwriting. I said sure. Can you see what she did?

She was looking at it upside down.


  1. Wait a minute...Therese formed the letters while she was looking at them upside down? No way!

    1. I know! I was blown away. She takes in so much of our school day and I don't realize it until she does something like this!