Saturday, May 24, 2014

Culinary Hike

With a zero percent chance of rain forcasted, I awoke to steady, rhythmic rain on the roof. We have planned an outdoor activity for today and I am worried. Our first train ride here too. Oh, Jack will be so disappointed! But we forge ahead and hope that the skies will clear. It is still raining as we board the train. The kids are so excited though, that it does not matter. We successfully switched trains twice, each time, the train being fuller than the last. As we finally reach our destination, a 4 mile culinary hike, the skies are already looking better, but the ground is a mucky, muddy, mess. Puddles are abundant too. The wheels of the stroller are caked with a thick layer of mud and I decide to just enjoy the day and not think about all that mud and all those puddles. And I did. The wine was wonderful, the food was delicious and the company friendly. Who could ask for anything more?

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