Tuesday, May 13, 2014

On a rainy Monday morning/ Tuesday evening

Oh, Monday, here we are again. And you are a rainy, gray, cold, mess of a day. Don't you know that it is so hard to be motivated when the conditions are such as they are?

I am waiting not so patiently for this rain to stop. I have flowers and vegetables and dirt. I want to plant them. It rains, then slows and maybe the sun will peek out for a few minutes. Then the clouds blow back in, the gray returns and so does the rain. We even had a couple hail storms yesterday.

I do have two books waiting for me at the library. It does not open for several hours yet. One was recommended by Barbara. The other by Ginny. Perhaps we will go after lunch.

Maybe, just maybe, I need to learn from my kids. They are stuck inside too, yet their little imaginations can get past the rain and they are transported to made up worlds and adventures.

Guess what? Now it is Tuesday evening and the weather is exactly the same as yesterday. Rain.  No rain. Rain. No rain. And on and on it goes.

I did make it to the library. We had to go on post to get travel passport pictures made. The picture taking was the easy part. Then we walked over to the passport office. We took a number. Number 51 to be exact. They were on number 17. Seventeen! I took the kids and we walked over to the library to pass the time. Only the library closes from 2:00-3:00. We got to the doors at 2:07. Drat. We started walking back when a man on a bicycle whizzed by and then suddenly stopped. It was our priest! He recognized my motley crew and we had a nice chat. We got back to the passport office and they were calling number 31. Drat. We sat. We sat. We sat. Then we filled out the paperwork and left. We went back to the library and then made our way home.

Tonight, I am pondering how to be a more patient, more loving person. I truly want to be that person. When I am in the thick of things, I somehow forget. Some kind of autopilot, and not a good one mind you, takes over and I hear myself saying things I don't want to say. I will be pondering these things while I clean up the dinner dishes, which is what I should really be doing. The kids are playing, the husband is at a meeting, and I will pour some wine and ponder and wash.

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