Saturday, May 3, 2014

Another side of Speyer

We returned to Speyer today. I am not sure Jack could have handled the disappointment if we hadn't. You see, as we left the town last Saturday, looming before us as we approached the Autobahn was a most impressive display of aircraft. There was a sign which said "Technic Museum". We found out that it not only has planes but all sorts of vehicles, including 'old-time cars' as Jack calls them. All week, he has been asking how many days til Saturday.

Oh, we had such a time! We are weary, and I think I will be calling the local pizza joint to supply supper. Outside, there was what looked to me like an abandoned playground. Boy was I wrong. Think of any amusement park in the US, and you know how all the rides are monitored and kids are carefully measured. Throw all that out the window. You are given fair warning in writing, but you may get on whatever you wish, as long as you plunk in a Euro. And we plunked down many a Euro!

Most of the exhibits and rides had signs in German and English. Let's just say someone fluent in English did not do the translating! The signs were hilarious to read. They provided more amusement than some of the rides.

Now, if you will excuse me, a hear a bottle of Advil (and maybe a bottle of wine too) calling my name.

She didn't realize that the carousel, which she, for unexplained reasons, called a hurricane, was for display only.

She was told she could not ride the carousel.

He has my love for photography. I always love to see the world through his lens.

These two were practically inseperable, often going off in their own direction and making their mama worry.

She cheered up.

Okay. The frugal side of me decided to make my own pizza while waiting for the videos to upload! I just couldn't pay someone to make something I can do here just as well.

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  1. Wow! Gotta love that German engineering, even if you are a grown up lady, and not a little Jack.