Monday, September 3, 2012

Sleep...oh how I long for thee

Isn't it interesting how babies don't seem to understand that nighttime is sleepy time? Peter usually sleeps the longest stretch mid-afternoon, waking just when dinner is needing to be prepared and hungry toddlers are pulling on my shirt and screaming louder than seems humanly possible. Oh, I will figure out how to juggle all this soon enough, but my sleep-deprived brain is a little slow these days.

Meanwhile, Peter still struggles to gain weight. We are supplementing with a little formula at each feeding and I am pumping when I can, though he feeds so frequently, it is challenging.

Anna celebrated her 8th birthday this weekend. I did not take one picture. I was nursing a baby the whole time. We did a craft party. Anna and her friends made little tote bags out of old t-shirts. They made their own personal chocolate cakes in coffee mugs. Here is the link for the recipe. Thankfully my sister was here to help me. Thankfully some of the moms also stayed and helped. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people all around me.

Here are some new pictures of Peter...

Snoozing with dad

more nap time

sweet baby hand

complete relaxation

Peter gets his bottle from his cousin Maddie

Anna and Peter- Anna is wearing her "fake glasses" she got for her birthday.

getting ready for his first tub bath

wondering why everyone in the house is in the bathroom watching

Look how big she is and how tiny he is!


  1. I can empathize with the lack of sleep. I forgot how hard this stage is and having a toddler makes it even more tough! Prayers that he starts gaining weight!

  2. I do not miss those sleep deprived days. Of course, now I have a driving teenager, so that brings its own supply of worries...! I LOVE that last picture - isn't it amazing how big your "baby" looks when you bring the next baby home?

  3. He's awfully cute for being such a little hoodlum! Good thing, huh! Hope he settles to a nice mommy-friendly sleep cycle soon.