Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My own best advocate

Man, oh man. I wish that I could just trust the health care professionals whose care I am under. But unfortunately, this is not the case. I wonder if they really listen at all sometimes.

Low milk supply is supposedly helped by taking fenugreek. I bought some in the form of an herbal capsule upon the recommendation of the lactation consultant and started taking the dosage on the bottle. I definitely saw an increase in milk, but it seemed like Peter was having stomach pains and his stool started getting foamy. I could not prove that it was because of the fenugreek, but I stopped taking it and he seemed better. But my milk production went back down too. Also, during that time, but I did not associate it with the supplement, my thyroid symptoms seemed to flair up. I know this is a possibility at any time since I had post-partem thyroiditis after Therese was born. I discussed all this with the lactation consultant and she suggested trying a drug called domperidone to increase milk production. I don't know why I felt comfortable trying an herbal supplement without researching side effects, but not the drug. So I did some digging. Both these things can interfere with thyroid issues! The lactation consultant knew of my thyroid history, yet did not warn me about this possible side effect.

I had my blood drawn today to check my thyroid levels. I will know in about a week if what I suspect is true. I am having almost all my old signs of trouble. Weak muscles, excessive tiredness (I realize that most of these signs can also just be because I have a new baby, but that is how I went undiagnosed so long two years ago), heart palpitations, weight loss, hair loss, and emotional irritability.

In the next few weeks, we have so many doctors appointments for Peter and me that trying to keep up with school and trying to pump extra milk for Peter is almost an impossibility. It would be nice to think that these doctors would give me all the information I need to make wise choices for me and my son.

I have more I would like to say but it's time to give Peter his bottle of formula and then pump my milk and then make dinner and then and then....


  1. Oh, Jenny. I'm so sorry that all this is going on. And you're right - it all seems so much more when you are just plain tired from having a tiny baby. You are in my prayers, always. And trust your own gut instincts first, and the medical "professionals" second. Isn't it nice that we have the internet at our fingertips so we can stay on top of these things.

  2. Praying for knowledgeable, clear, reliable guidance. How difficult this must all be...

  3. I had a similar situation and was prescribed Reglan. Bad stuff... Totally made me CrAzY. New moms don't need anything that "helpful." hang in their.mpeter is beautiful.