Monday, September 17, 2012

God Will Provide

With the arrival of Peter, we officially outgrew our little minivan. It was not a huge issue, though, for Sophie is away at college most of the time. We were even able to get her a car. Mind you, it is two years older than she, but it is in good shape. She was already to set out to Franciscan in late August when a freak storm blew through and flooded our street. Her car was parked in the street. Her car sustained some water damage to the brakes and the electronic thingy that was housed under the passenger seat. Tony ended up driving her back to school til we could get the car repaired.

Sophie's soaked vehicle

We have been searching for a bigger van for some time now, without any luck. The 12 passenger vans are either too expensive or too worn out. I kept searching anyway, hoping for a small miracle. We knew we would trade Tony's truck for the new van, so one day last week, we decided to post it for sale on Craigslist, just to see if we would get any bites. Twelve hours later, the truck sold! Then I began to panic. We did not have a van! Tony would need to be able to get back and forth to work somehow. But luckily Sophie's car was fixed and just sitting there waiting for her. I realized that we would probably have to tell Sophie that she could not have her car until we found a van. Talk about feeling guilty. I beat myself up over this, feeling like I did the wrong thing, all because of my desire for a bigger vehicle.

Good-bye old friend!

I talked to a friend about this and she reminded me that God will provide what we need. He already made sure that Sophie's car was here and not in Ohio.

I continued looking at vans, with a deadline of two weeks, for that is when Sophie would be coming home for the weekend. While searching, I noticed an ad for an 8 passenger van. I wanted a 12 passenger, but all we really need are 8 seats. I called the number and I knew then that this was probably the answer to prayer.  It had been her father's van before he got ill. When he died, she kept it for sentimental reasons, but never drove it much. She wanted to make sure whoever bought it would take care of it and truly needed it. I know God's hand was in this, because I had not even thought of this possibility before. God gently led me to realize our need could be met in a way other than what I wanted.


God's provision!

And the best part? We were able to buy the van with the money from our truck with enough left over to pay for taxes and tags! God is good.


  1. Awesome!! I love how God works those things out. I felt the same way when we were searching for a car for my son to buy. We looked at SO many options, and I just kept praying that the right car would land in our laps. And sure enough, it did! From a guy who works for our mechanic, no less, so we knew it was in perfect condition. I love those concrete answers to prayer.

  2. I love it when it works out like that! Enjoy your new rolling home away from home!