Monday, September 24, 2012


When we lived in Georgia, we had some wonderful friends with kids of babysitting age. Their girls would watch my kiddos on a regular basis. Ben had a special fondness for their oldest daughter and she for him. He called her "Kath-a-leen" with such a sweet lilt. She would paint his big toenail a nice bright red. I always thought that the nail polish was so ironic as the first time we went to their house Ben managed to spill bright nail polish in the exact middle of the room with nice white carpet! They remained great friends in spite of that.

I received an e-mail earlier this week from my friend to let me know that Kath-a-leen is all grown up and married. She had her first baby late in August. I teared up as I read that as soon as she knew she was having a son, they decided to name him Benjamin in honor of my Ben.

I had just wondered a few days earlier if anyone would ever name a child after my guy that I miss so much. Every time I look at Peter, I see his brother staring back at me. They don't look exactly alike, but there is a strong likeness. He also holds his little hands exactly like Ben did.

My heart is happy to know that there is someone who remembers my son with such fondness. I hope to one day meet her little Benjamin and I will be sure to paint his toenail red.


  1. What a beautiful story. We, too, have a treasured babysitter from when my boys were younger, and her name is Kathleen also. Mine said her name the same way!! An easy pronunciation for little mouths. How absolutely wonderful that she honored your family by naming her son after Ben.

  2. Oh this is a lovely post. I wonder if Kath-a-leen knows the true honor she is giving to you and your family, and to your Ben!!! I'm sure her son Ben will have a special saint (with the same name) watching over him. God bless you.

  3. Oh, what a wonderful memory, made me cry. What a blessing!!

    How is the pumping going? Any luck?

  4. How wonderful! I hope you get to meet her little Benjamin someday also.