Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yarn Along- for charity

This week has seen me knitting a chemo cap for a 2 year old little girl that I have never met and probably never will. She is the niece of a friend of mine and she lives far from here. But I felt honored when my friend asked me to knit a couple of hats for her niece.

  I used Therese as a model, and since she has a slightly larger head than most one year olds I figured if it fits her, it would surely fit this little one in need.

I've had this yarn sitting in my stash for years, never knowing what project it was destined for.

I hope that she likes it.

I just started reading "I Capture the Castle", by Dodie Smith.

Go on over and visit Ginny, our host.


  1. great book, enjoyed reading it a couple of years ago
    sweet knits, love and care to their new owner

  2. I'm sure the little girl will love the hat, it is adorable.

  3. Love the hat and such an awesome gift too. Great work!