Sunday, November 20, 2011

playing with my camera

This afternoon, instead of doing what I should have been doing, I pulled out my camera to capture the fun my kids were having. The weather was an amazing 73 degrees! I know it won't last, so I snatched up the chance for some photos.

I will say this: I know nothing about photography. I wish I did. I love taking pictures and looking at pictures. There is something so wonderful about capturing a moment just as you see it. So, mustering up some courage, I moved the little dial thingy from "auto" to "manual" and started shooting and changing settings.

 This was on the auto setting. The colors were washed out and dull.

Still on auto setting. Dull, dull, dull.
 Look at the difference! I can't tell you what I set it to. I just moved the dial until it looked like what I saw with my eyes.

Then I accidentally found this!

I took about 50 pictures just so I could get one this good.
I love this one so much.
Back inside, I experimented some more.

Dinner before it went in the oven to be roasted.
 Back on auto setting. Too yellow.
Manual setting, much truer to the colors in my kitchen. No flash, even though it was dark outside.

Until I can afford a more professional camera, I will practice with my point and shoot and hopefully learn a little along the way!


  1. Your kids are adorable!!
    Love your pictures...wish I could get a really expensive camera and take a class on how to work it!!

    I always use Auto...might have to try to experiment, I have tried black and white.

    I didn't know how brussel sprouts grew...Are those from your garden?

  2. I did not grow those brussel sprouts, though I did try one year.
    I would like to take a photography class too.

  3. You are rocking it!!! These pics are great! I am always trying new things. I never feel like I'm getting the right shot...a lot of times the colors don't match exactly what I see...but I'm figuring it out slowly but surely. =)