Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Fun

With the threat of rain in the forecast, we headed out to collect our sugary booty a little earlier than usual. Which was good, because the "scary" houses were not nearly so frightening. Jack came bounding back to me, exclaiming "That wasn't scary at all!"

Anna, who was Rapunzel, told her friend "Cinderella", while they were crossing a street, "Ladies don't run, they walk." And so they walked, elegantly, hand in hand across the street. Therese didn't really understand what we were doing, but she loved it because she loves being outside. During the day, she stares longingly out the window while her mean mom makes the other kids do schoolwork.

 Meet Jack the Construction Worker. The orange vest was sewn in a couple of hours with only minor adjustments needing to be made. The flannel shirt was a $2 find at Goodwill. The rest we already owned!

 Next up: Rapunzel. My mom bought her the costume for her birthday. She decided to keep it perfect for Halloween and hung it up in her closet. Her birthday is in August, by the way. I found the golden yarn at the fabric store when I bought the orange fabric for Jack's vest. The yarn was such an interesting texture. Almost like it was hand-spun. I called my crafty sister about how to construct a wig and she came through for me yet again.
 I made the bag Jack is holding out of felt many years ago. Each child has their own bag.

Therese had no say in what she wore. The black cat costume was Anna's. I know the ears are actually bear ears. I still think she is a cute kitty cat. She did not like having whiskers drawn on her face, which is why they look like they do. I think you can actually still see a tear in her eye. You can also see the sewing machine on the classroom table for those last minute costume fixes.

My tip of the day? If you don't want a 1 year old to break off a pencil lead inside the steam holes of the iron, put it away immediately!

It was a wonderful evening.


  1. Very cute costumes! I love the Rapunzel hair!

  2. So cute! We had a few really scary houses. =( Pretend dead people under cars to jump out at the kids...really? Crazy military people. Haha.