Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oh what fun it is to ride in a go cart

Our time with Sophie home was all too short. She and Tony are on their way back to college, stopping in to check on my mother-in-law tonight. Before they left, we headed over to Fort Eustis to have a little fun. The weather was gorgeous. There was a miniature golf course, go-carts, and a batting cage. I thought for sure that Jack would want to ride the go-carts, but he said he only wanted to play golf. We did not know until we arrived that they only accept cash. While we were discussing who was going to go to get some cash, the employee on duty asked if we were only golfing. We were. He then let us play for free! The kids ran to the shed where the supplies were kept, most excited to start playing.

 score keeper

 I believe that was about 20 strokes!

 Can you tell I am having fun with the manual setting?

It was time to leave when Jack changed his mind about the go-carts. Anna wanted to try it too. Even though it was $6 per cart, they let us use two since $6 was just about all I could scrape together out of the bottom of my purse! Oh my! I forget how competitive my husband can get. His cart was slower than Sophie's, so he got creative on how to catch up with her. Let's just say that the old Army adage, "If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'" was his motto today. He didn't exactly stick to the course and dirt was flying.
 Safety first.

 straightening the curves

 cutting his own daughter off at the pass
 I love how Jack appears to be holding on for dear life to his helmet.

 A spin out on the track
If you can't read the back of the cars, it says "No Bumping".

That was one rule that got bent a little.

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