Friday, November 11, 2011

Confessions of a tired mama

I think everyone knows by now that I strive to cook good, healthy food for my family. It is how I show my love, OK?

So how did I go from this:

homemade apple cinnamon pop-tarts
(which tasted just like apple pie)
(which made my husband suggest ice-cream for breakfast)

To this:
 beanies and weinies fresh out of a can.
(we went to co-op today)
(I taught eight piano lessons)
(Tony is working tonight)

 When the kids saw what was in the pot....

...this was the unanimous reaction!


  1. Could that little honey be any sweeter? No, she could not! Although it certainly looks as though she begrudges her momma that meal of beans & wienies.


  2. ! Haha, I LOVE it. My kids are the exact same way. They just loooove their corn dogs, hot dogs, junk food anything. They don't appreciate all that healthy food I make them. Man, those pop-tarts look AMAZING!!! 8 lessons in one day? Wow. That takes a lot of patience. I've been thinking of putting Isaiah in piano lessons, but he's not quite 6 yet. I wonder if I should wait a year, or wait until he shows personal interest in wanting to make music.

  3. PS: Your daughter is SO adorable!! Haha, I love that cute look on her face. =)

  4. I have found that the amount of time spent in meal preparation and the amount of pleasure expressed by the children have a very predictable relationship. More meal prep time=less pleasure and Less meal prep time=giddy kids. The first time I made homemade mac and cheese, my daughter stated, "Mom, you should stick to the one that comes in the box made for busy moms." There are days that I do...