Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yarn Along- Big and Small

To hand over months and months of work to your postal worker takes courage my friend. They cannot possibly understand the importance of the package in their mailbag. The day I received the news that my gift had reached its recipient, I breathed a sigh of relief. And now, I can share with you the pictures of the baby blanket. I will say that while I love the finished product, the pattern was written so poorly that I cannot recommend this pattern to anyone.

The blanket was the big project, taking me at least 4 months to complete.

After something like that, well, I needed to go small scale. There was a partially completed little owl laying in my knitting bag, so I finished knitting him. I had made a smaller one for Peter a while back. Anna really liked the new owl, so it is hers.

I ordered some yarn for a new project that will require sewing along with knitting and several other new techniques. Hopefully my mailbox will have fluffy yarn in it today. While waiting, I saw a pattern for a little mouse on Ravelry. Using scraps, I made this:


Anna crocheted a little skirt for the mouse. I am currently trying to knit a little dress. The first attempt did not go well. As in, after watching a tutorial on making a two stitch buttonhole (which are the armholes for the sweater), I succeeded in making 2 armholes on each side. I will try again. Until then, she looks cute in her skirt, don't you think?

Thank you Ginny, for hosting.


  1. Jenny, you are so talented. I wish we lived closer to one another so you could teach me how to make adorable owls and beautiful blankets!

    1. Cate,

      I wish we lived closer too! I would love to spend time knitting with you!

  2. That blanket is amazing. Sorry it was so tuff to finish. Clearly the end product was worth it!
    Your little animals are darling too! :)