Sunday, June 2, 2013

Goodbye May (and that extra toe)


What a month.

We are back from Kitty Hawk.

Peter and I hung out together on our first day early enough to watch the sun rise over the ocean.

It was unseasonably cool that first day. The kids wanted desperately to get in the pool. Through chattering teeth, they swore that they were having a good time and were not too cold.

I think he looks cold.

Olivia and I had the same plan. Hang out poolside.

Doesn't everyone use flippers as float paddles?

They work ever so well!

Poolside with the camera.

My goal was to stay right there in that lounge chair. I had no desire to set foot in that pool.

After lunch, we headed out to the Wright Brothers Memorial. My sister and her family met us there. Jack has been fascinated by all things relating to the Wright Brothers lately, and we were not disappointed. The man giving a talk impressed us with his knowledge and his love for the subject.

They wanted to leave flowers on the memorial...

until they found this dead dragonfly. They gave him a proper burial.

Yes, we had this much fun!
Then on to Jockey's Ridge, where we flew Jack's new kite.

In one of our classic Reosti moments, Therese had to go pee out there on the dunes after a 20 minute trek. My kids all at the same moment came up with the same line from the movie 'Up'. "Do you dig the hole before or after? It's before!"

So we dug a hole.

We raced down the giant dunes. We climbed back up. And we raced down again and again, till we were all tired and hungry.

The next morning, Peter and I hung out on the porch in the morning, again. This time the sun was up already.

 The day was perfect for the pool and the kids played and played. My brother-in-law made us dinner. It was the first time I had tried Indian food. It will not be the last time. It was so good.

We went to the beach and strolled along, gathering shells that captured our eyes, and just enjoyed being all together.

The last day, my big girls were not with us. Olivia had to return early to take her final exams. My sister's family had to say goodbye too. We took the little kids the the putt-putt course. The little cars like you see outside grocery stores seemed to be a bigger hit with Therese, who quickly lost interest in hitting a ball. We got her attention briefly, when one hole had a little "stream" running through it. It would take the golf ball through a hollow log. She put her golf ball through there again and again.

Then back to the beach to fly the kite one last time before heading home. We found a cute little local bagel shop for lunch.

Our trip was over.

But not the memories.

The last picture of Peter's extra toe.

 The very next morning, at 3:30 am, we got up and got ready to go to the hospital for Peter's surgery. Everything went so well. The doctors and nurses were absolutely the best. I don't think it was a coincidence that almost every one of the staff that worked with us was Catholic and from large families. I even spent some time in the chapel with Jesus. I knit. And then I took care of Peter until they were happy with how he was doing. He has done so well. He ate right away and all we have had to give him for pain is Tylenol. He has already figured out how to stand with the cast on and hobble around.

Which is a good thing. Friday was the Baccalaureate Mass for Olivia. Saturday, my second child became a high school graduate. Sadly, my camera fell out of the diaper bag and was in the car.

Afterward we came home and celebrated with family. My mom and dad, Tony's mom, two of his brothers, one of his nieces, an aunt and a cousin! What a wonderful day!

Technically, the graduation was in June, but let me just say that I am glad to say goodbye to the busy month of May!


  1. Oh, I love all your beach and pool pictures!! I wish I could sit by the pool with you!

    Oh, sweet little Peter...So happy things went so well!! (Simeon has 2 webbed toes, we love them--he might not when he gets older)

  2. I'm with you in saying goodbye to May, though from the pictures your month was much more fun than mine. Except that sweet little toe. I'm glad his surgery went well. He is such a sweet pea.