Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June Goals

I have seen this idea twice now and both times I have thought "Gee, I should do that." First here. And then here.

For months now, I have been in survival mode. I don't like living that way. So I will take a leap and dive in and try to not only stay above water, but do it gracefully and beautifully. I may add more, but this is the list as of this morning.

- finish Shannon's baby blanket

-have a yard sale

- make bread at least once a week

- finish Mother Angelica's book (the library wants it back)

- do '3 good things' every night

That last one is something Tony came up with and we have been doing off and on, but I want it to be every night since it has sparked great conversation. We go around the table and say three things that were good about our day. 

Having this list broadcast for all the world to see (or my 3 readers) and not just on the fridge will hopefully keep me motivated.



  1. We give thanks at dinner time for "three good things", too! The kids are pretty adamant about it, actually, and get downright indignant when we try to hurry it along by only mentioning one. :-)

  2. I'll join you: finish stripping wallpaper in the kitchen and paint. Strip and paint hall bathroom. Put together bookshelf for little boys' room. I'm baking bread about every other day (haven't bought any since last fall). My family LOVES the recipe you sent me!

    1. I'm glad you like the recipe! It is my go-to bread recipe. My goal is to stop buying bread again too.