Monday, June 17, 2013


Why oh why are little tiny rabbits so cute? I mean, they melt my heart when I see them daintily hopping through the yard with their tiny little noses twitching in the air and their silky ears and cute little cotton tails. But when I see the destruction they leave behind...

I just want to have me some rabbit stew! Those stalks were my beautiful green bean plants. They were so healthy and they were thriving. But no more. I will not be enjoying fresh beans from the garden this year.

The rest of my tiny garden looks like this...

The tomato plants mostly look good except that some of the plants are getting yellow leaves at the bottom. I think my turnips are doing well, but since I have never planted them before, I don't rightly know. Nor do I know when they are ready to eat. My zucchini plants are very small and the birds are eating the tiny fruits before they get much bigger than my pinky finger. The same goes for the cucumbers. I need some environmentally friendly solutions to keep the animals out of my garden. Suggestions?

Then there are the other destructive creatures that are leaving holes in my yard and making a general mess on a daily basis. There isn't much I can do about them though, except love them.

This dirt....

plus some water and a giant paintbrush....

equals fun for them, but such a mess for me!
If you can't beat them, join them, I say!

I grabbed my cup of coffee after grabbing my camera and enjoyed some time with Jack.

Those keys are one of his favorite possessions.


  1. Amazon sells bird netting at a good price that you might be able to drape over whatever it is that they're eating. It's hard to see, though, and you might have one or two get caught in it, according to reviewers. I'm using it as the cover on my chicken pens, though, and there are a lot of wild birds who clean up any spilt grain out there and we haven't had any issues, so nothing may happen at all. As for rabbits, you've either got to shoot them, trap them (live trap), or get a dog who detests rabbits. The dog works for us pretty well, except she sometimes gets confused between pest rabbits and pet rabbits. :-)

    1. I was thinking about the netting. Also, the kids have always wanted to catch one of those rabbits. I am just not sure where to release the critters if we actually do catch one. It has to be far enough away that they won't find their way back!

      As for the dog, I am not wanting to acquire any more pets before we go to Germany! I am currently trying to figure out how to convince some family member that keeping our cat would be beneficial to us both!

  2. Trying to grow our own organic food seems to pit us against Mother Nature and all her sweet creatures. Bunnies and squirrels would otherwise be our friends, Japanese beetles, too, are lovely creatures. Just not in my garden. On my way to Home Depot to see what I can find to foil their efforts. Chicken wire keeps the small mammals at bay. That's all I have for you today.

  3. I use bird netting on my blueberries. I gave up growing zucchini for the same reason - I would get lovely flowers and teeny, tiny fruit that would get eaten EVERY night. So frustrating. They seem to leave my cucumbers alone, but we battle it out every year over the tomatoes. The netting is a GIANT pain because it's hard to maneuver and hard to pick through it. But it does work. I don't bother with the tomato plants, but I can't stand the birds getting to my berries!!