Monday, January 28, 2013

When I grow up

On the way to an early morning appointment, Jack and Anna were musing over what their future careers might be.

Anna: I want to be either a worker at Busch Gardens or a Mythbuster.

Jack: I want to be a veter-tarian or...

Me: You mean a veterinarian? As in someone who works with animals?

Jack: That's what I said, a veter-tarian. Either that or a blimp driver.


  1. A blimp driver sounds pretty darn cool!

  2. Oh, gosh, go for the Blimp driver!!!! Laughed outloud!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anyone can be a veter-tarian but a blimp driver? That takes a very special breed of man :)

  4. Your kids crack me up. I am glad you share their little world of innocence and unlimited opportunity. I was also very impressed by your sweater (and unraveling and re-knitting, which for the non-knitter seems only logical but overwhelming) and by your 3 cartons of milk on the counter. You live a varied and always interesting life.